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Attacat Month in Numbers

Month In Numbers – July 2011

The Attacat Month in Numbers – July 2011

Attacat Month in Numbers

Month In Numbers – June 2011

Attacat Month In Numbers – June 2011

Social Media Podcast

Social Media Podcast: Kiril and Tim join the regulars to talk iPad2, Check-ins etc

Another social media podcast from the Attacat & fatbuzz team: Podcast 33 talks about check-ins, Facebook stories & privacy, advertising spend and the iPad 2 launch.


Targeting iPad Users with AdWords

With a sudden surge in people using the new device, it’s important to consider whether you want to target iPad users in your AdWords campaigns or not. Interestingly Google have decided to class iPad users as mobile users…


iPad & Tablets lead to a more grown up Social Media?

One view anyway – seemingly based on the assumption that Tablets are going to appeal to a more mature demographic. Personally I’m not sure that the two correlate as much as implied.

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