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Initial Thoughts on Google Buzz

Google’s latest launch into the Social world.
What Is Google Buzz?
From the Horse’s Mouth:

Initial Thoughts
Some notes jotted on the iPhone on my way home last night
Just taking a very initial look at Buzz whilst heading home. Looks very Twitteresque but allows greater flexibility with what you share (more than text)
Appears as if replies (comments) will come […]


Burning Issues at Attacat Part 1 of ? – The Attacat Colour

Every now and then we thought we would post about general goings on within the office – issues that have been vexing or simply entertaining us.
The Attacat Colour
With the creation of the new website we decided to update our corporate colour. This was brought on largely by Sarah (yes we have a creative in […]


New Attacat Website Launched Today

Finally we actually did something about it. It has been a long time coming, but I will no longer have to tell everybody how embarrassed about our site I am (well at least for a week anyway). No website is perfect but that does not stop me from being proud of what has […]

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