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SEO and the Law

Tomorrow evening Attacat Tim will be co-speaking along with Euan Duncan from MacRoberts LLP at the Scottish Society for Computers and Law about the topic of SEO and the Law. Learn more about what the evening holds here…

New Cookie Tool: Just in time for the enforcement deadline!

With just a day to go until the cookie law “enforcement day”, the new version of our cookie audit tool is now live. Please take it for a spin!

The tool now:

recognises more cookies
automatically creates a custom “Cookie Information Page” for your site (see

Scale of Cookie Naughtiness

Google Analytics and the Scale of Cookie Naughtiness

In my quest to get to grips with the EU Cookie Directive I keep coming back to Google Analytics as an example of the dilemmas posed by the directive.
A sliding scale of naughtiness
So there are good and bad cookies, of that there is no doubt.
There are cookies that are 100% necessary for the functioning of […]

got breakfast? [explored #148]

Are you ready for the new cookie directive coming into force in 6 days time?

Are you ready for the new cookie directive coming into force in 6 days time?
Certainly I’m not!
Did you even know that from next Wednesday (25th of May 2011) it will be a legal requirement to get consent from your website visitors to use cookies? Heck, do you even know what cookies are? You wouldn’t be […]


Trademarks in PPC: A new development?

Since the changes to Google Trademark policy it appeared that bidding on trademarks in Google AdWords and other PPC engines was now OK under certain circumstances. However a recent case has seen a judge in the U.S. award damages for infringement of a trademark in Google Adwords to the tune of $292,235.20.

Is this a warning to advertisers or a special case?


Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations Act 2008

The recent update to the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations Act has garnered much attention in advertising circles for its potential to cause havoc with current buzz marketing practices (practices that, arguably, fall under the stealth marketing umbrella and are therefore already illegal but thats another issue entirely).
However, the implications for optimisation and paid […]


Google Trademark Policy Update – May 5th 2008

The new trademark regulations from Google, due to be implemented on May 5th 2008, will no longer have the same restrictions that we have enjoyed (or endured, depending on perspective!) with trademarks in the UK & Ireland. This change in policy brings the UK & Ireland into line with the policy in US & Canada where bidding on trademark terms is now commonplace.


Dull legislation for e-mail signatures and websites

Who’s bright idea this is I have no idea, but it is now a legal requirement to have your company registered address and number on your websites and e-mail signatures. Get the full thoroughly exciting details from Companies House.

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