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iAds: In-App Interactive Mobile Ads to get Excited About

This is certainly one to try out as soon as iPhone users upgrade to OS4.
Apple are launching a new format of adverts for the mobile called iAds. iAds take advantage of the amount of time that iPhone users spend using applications – an average of 30 minutes a day for each iPhone user!  (Which Steve […]

AdWords for Mobiles: Quick Access on the Move

Inside AdWords have announced the launch of AdWords for smartphones. Looks like it requires a bit of setting up to do on your PC to start with then you can access the custom information you need from your Android, iPhone or Palm Pre mobile.


HOW TO (sort of): Make Your Small Business Geolocation-Ready

Not sure this is Mashable’s finest article as it doesn’t really provide a road map for the beginner. More a check list for the advanced.
HOW TO: Make Your Small Business Geolocation-Ready.
(Attacat version required!)


iPad & Tablets lead to a more grown up Social Media?

One view anyway – seemingly based on the assumption that Tablets are going to appeal to a more mature demographic. Personally I’m not sure that the two correlate as much as implied.


Initial Thoughts on Google Buzz

Google’s latest launch into the Social world.
What Is Google Buzz?
From the Horse’s Mouth:

Initial Thoughts
Some notes jotted on the iPhone on my way home last night
Just taking a very initial look at Buzz whilst heading home. Looks very Twitteresque but allows greater flexibility with what you share (more than text)
Appears as if replies (comments) will come […]


Google Latitude – another step towards location aware advertising

Google Latitude allows you to broadcast your current location to friends, family (and colleagues no doubt!). It’s hardly a surprising development but it is a reminder of how Google is going to be able to improve it’s locational targeting for AdWords and other advertising products. (Opt-in of course!)


Review of Attacat

ack in January, we sat down and put down some thoughts about how search engine advertising would evolve through 2007, not least so we could entertain ourselves in the run up to Christmas by seeing how wrong we were.

AdWords Mobile Pages

Google now offer the facility to create a mobile compatible web page for use with mobile search adverts. This brings AdWords broadly in line with Yahoo! mobile search offering which has always had a more info page.

The mobile page itself is pretty limited (see the

Team Visit to Google in Dublin

Yesterday the entire team headed out for a trip to Dublin to meet up with our support team at Google.


2007: The Year Mobile Search Engines Take Off?

Happy New Year. Hopefully you have had a good break and have managed to get your head back down to work without too much effort. This is our first official newsletter. We hope you find it interesting – please let us know what you think and if there are any topics you […]

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