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March SEO Roundup: how search evolved in March 2012

When I sat down at the end of February to write an SEO roundup, the subject matter really didn’t inspire.  Some posts just don’t deserve a publish button. March on the other hand was full of intrigue with promise of more change on the horizon.
Blog network armageddon
Before you read this as Google penalising blogs, please don’t.  […]

SEO Roundup: How SEO evolved in November 2011

search changed by 35% in november.
Or was that 6%?
Google have been stepping up their efforts to communicate changes to webmasters. We’ve seen them give us heads up of forthcoming changes (so called “weather reports”), we’ve seen them quantify the impact of some changes (see fresh content commentary below), and now we’ve even seen them start […]

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SEO Roundup – July 2011

From my point of view at an SEO desk, the big things that have happened this month have been changes and updates to the tools we all love – Yahoo Site Explorer, Open Site Explorer, Bing Webmaster Tools & Google Webmaster Tools.

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SEO Roundup – June 2011

June was an eventful month in the world of SEO including a few updates in and some nice data from seoMoz and comScore.

Google launches the +1 website button

Bing Webmaster Tools Update

Google continues to support canonical tags

Panda update 2.2

Search market share figures in May published

SEOmoz 2011 Search Ranking Factors Survey results

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SEO Roundup – May 2011

Here’s what I picked up in search engine optimisation news in May…

Google launches ‘Think Insights’

New data search engine ‘Zanran’ launches

Google Webmaster Tools no longer requires URL blocking

Bing adds more Facebook ‘Likes’ to search results

Google News adds option to remove blogs & press releases from results

Website owners are warned of hacked canonical tags

Google Shopping requires UPI’s

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