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Page authority and domain authority for SEO linkbuilding

What’s in a link? Simple answer: ‘link juice’. Of course if you’re not familiar with the term that won’t really mean much, but the basic idea is that some of the strength of the page containing the link (or ‘juice’) is passed through the link to the linked site. But how much juice is passed? How valuable is a link from site A compared to site B? And how are changes to SEOmoz authority figures going to affect you?

LINK: SEO’s Guide to HTTP Status Codes Infographic

A nice SEO infographic always deserves a mention and in true girly fashion – I think this one is cute!
Thanks to Dr Pete over at SEOmoz!

LINK: 37 Takeaways from SEOmoz Master Class in Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s top SEOs settled in–mildly skeptical yet very eager to listen to and challenge the SEO ambassador they’d seen on countless Whiteboard Fridays. Rand was ready, though, and he delivered.

In the 3-hour marathon session (broken up by a brief 10-minute break), we drank SEO from the fire-hose. No important topic was left uncovered. So, to the takeaways already…

Carbonmade Home Page

LINK: Don’t let SEO get in the way of good design

Always at the forefront of SEO, SEOmoz have pulled another stunner of a blog post out of the bag with this article.
7 Cutting Edge Web Design Trends (that Can Actually Improve SEO)
Technology has moved on to […]

SEOmoz logo

LINK: The Free Beginner’s SEO Guide From SEOmoz

LINK:  The Free Beginner’s SEO Guide From SEOmoz
OK, I haven’t read it yet but I know it will be worthwhile.  Attacat new boys, more reading for you I am afraid.
(I’ve also updated my older post about […]

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