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Social Media Roundup – April 2011

Let’s get social with the media scene in April (yes we’re a bit late this month)…
Google launches ‘+1′

Facebook introduces the ‘send’ button

Spotify get restrictive following ongoing losses

Facebook studio shows off polished campaign integrations

Do you own your photos online?

Facebook unveils new ad and coupon products

Hootsuite’s Social Dashboard voucher

Top 10 Twitter trends this month

Don’t get Facebook ad scammed: beware of false promises from cold callers

Now that Facebook has asserted itself as a viable and potentially successful advertising platform, I suppose it’s of no surprise to see chancers jumping across to this new land of scamming opportunity. We’ve already seen a few ‘offerings’ that our clients have passed onto us, and we’ve got to say they’re…interesting. Here’s some advice on what to avoid:

facebook display URLs

Facebook adverts: now with display URL

We’ve noticed that Facebook adverts are now showing a ‘display URL’ after the title, very much in the style of traditional Adwords display URLs

LINK:How to Access the Internet (A Guide from 2025)

Not sure whether to laugh or cry at this one: LINK: How to Access the Internet (A Guide from 2025) .  Perhaps the most pertinent bit to us being the following:

As you may know, product placement and paid product […]

iAd presentation

3 Fails of the Proposed iAd Charging Model

An article in AdAge is suggesting that Apple are going to charge a flat fee for their forthcoming mobile advertising platform, iAd, announced last month.
The figures being proposed are a combined $10 per thousand impressions (CPM) in addition to $2 per click!  This two bites of the cherry […]

Facebook Connections: Another way to tell Facebook what adverts to serve you

Facebook is trying to take over the web. Yes, they’ve released a whole range of tools that spread their presence out of the confines of Facebook and into your website. There’s the ‘like button’, that helps people indicate the content or brands they like anywhere on the web:

Facebook Social Ads

Facebook Ads: Social Context increases effectiveness four fold.

A Neilsen study has shown that purchase intent quadrupled from 2% to 8% when Facebook ads included mention of other friends being a fan.
Although this study relates to the advertising only available to large advertisers it does provide interesting insight and hopefully in indication of what may become available […]

Social Media Advertising: Options increasing as Twitter unviels plans

Twitter are in the process of revealing more about their planned ad system.  This will add to quite a large number of social advertising platforms, each seeking to cash in on their large user bases.

Worth watching are:

Digg Ads […]

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