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Email marketing optimisation – list targeting tips

The majority of email guides and strategy lists are solely dedicated to optimising copy, layout and the offer display in your actual email template, however I think there is a gap in the information available on list segmentation and creating campaigns targeted specifically to those lists. So here’s some tips and a real-life case study:

Anatomy of Wordpress theme

LINK: Tinker with WordPress themes

At Attacat we like Wordpress. It’s good to have a bit of knowledge as to how the themes work so that you can make tiny tweaks if required, and that’s where the chaps at Yoast have helped out by providing a cool infographic that explains the mains ‘chunks’ of a Wordpress theme.


Link: Reputation Management for WordPress

Reputation Management for Wordpress plugin

We all want to see where our brands are being mentioned – there are a plethora of tools out there to achieve the task but this new Reputation Management for Wordpress plugin looks interesting…

3D Google search

Google 3D search: Results that really jump out at you

Following Google’s release of 3D street view earlier today they’ve now announced the next step in search: 3D search.


Vanity Barcodes

Got to love the deisgn & ingenuity at hand here. Beautiful barcodes to compliment your beautiful packaging!
Must be an applicaton here for making mobile phone barcodes a little sexier for use on posters & POS.

Conversion Optimisation: There’s more to it than just your website

Search Engine Land has an article today called The 5 Rings of Conversion Optimisation. Apart from the title reminding me of a very inappropriate Best Man’s speech, I have to admit I found the article a touch on the overly scientific side. […]


Simple but Fantastic Conversion Tip

Simple but Fantastic Conversion Tip

Sometimes you stumble across a gem. This tip taken from Dayton Bird’s Bird Droppings Blog (it’s amazing where you find yourself on the web these days)


Four good reasons to do PPC before SEO

I don’t know why this has been a more common conversation of late, but it has.

This isn’t the SEO or PPC argument, it is more the when SEO when PPC argument. The recurring comment has been “I’ll see how I get on with my organic listings first” or similar.

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