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Business Mugshot - Say Hello!

The Business Mugshot: Saying hello to our new tool!

Saying hello to our brand new tool, The Business Mugshot.

language interchange 8

Keyword tools: 12 resources for researching keywords

Good keyword research is the base for any good SEO or PPC campaign, so here are a few research tools you might find useful.

instagram facebook

Social media roundup: April 2012

Similar to the weather in much of the UK, there’s been a veritable downpour in the world of social media news recently. Except in Scotland, where it’s been overcast and breezy. I don’t know what that means in relation to social media, but here we go anyways:

facebook gets hipster and buys Instagram
social media tools awesomeness
tumblring down
oh jesus more pinterest
google+ share button
measure success

linklove SEO tips and SEO tools

LinkLove: 48 tips and 14 tools you should know #LinkLove

The advice was flowing at the LinkLove London conference, and if you haven’t the time to read all my summary posts then the following are the must-read tips and tools talked about at the linkbuilding conference.

Find Icons logo


Looking for free Twitter and Facebook icons?Free Icon Search Engine –

null Just another website creator for non-techies but this time it’s personal

Looks like I might use this tool for the next iteration of – meant to be ideal for pulling together all your online social activity into one place (e.g. Twitter, Facebook) (in a somewhat prettier way than my current Google Sites version)


Page Load Time to be factored into your AdWords Advertising Costs

We have speculated in the past that the speed with which your site loads was potentially a factor in your Google AdWords quality score. Experienced advertisers will be familiar with the fact that your quality score directly impacts what you pay for each click from Google.

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