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facebook company page layout

Facebook company pages get a much needed overhaul

Facebook have announced the switchover to a new appearance for company/business pages today – you can access the new layout and functionality in preview now, with full switchover happening on 10 March. It’s certainly a welcome change, offering additional functionality that advertisers and companies have been screaming out for, including the ability to ‘become’ a business page.

Google logo

Adwords and Facebook ads: Go tweak crazy

It seems to have been a really rather busy few weeks for Google, withhem testing new appearances and variations of PPC advert display all over the place. Here’s a summary of the changes we’ve seen popping up recently:

Vote for policies logo

Vote for Policies: Internet tool to see who you really support

The internet, and the ingenuity of those creating content on it, regularly comes to the fore when major social issues rear their heads. Nw Vote for Policies aims to cut through the political maneuvering and spin by enabling you too see who you really support.

Conversion Optimisation: There’s more to it than just your website

Search Engine Land has an article today called The 5 Rings of Conversion Optimisation. Apart from the title reminding me of a very inappropriate Best Man’s speech, I have to admit I found the article a touch on the overly scientific side. […]


There were 3 in the Bed and the Little One said

t is a sign of the how things have changed that I am able to describe Microsoft as the “Little One” but in the search game, that is exactly what they are. Yesterday’s announcement of the Yahoo/Microsoft search deal sees Microsoft move up a place in the pecking order and Yahoo Search rolling out of the bed.


Google AdWords: A dilemma for Franchises

(This is a reproduction of an article I originally wrote for the Franchise Academy’s newsletter)
Almost all franchise businesses stand to gain significantly from search engine marketings ability to connect you with active prospects.
Google AdWords (thatҒs the sponsored listings across the top and down the right hand side of the Google results page) is one of […]


Relaxation of Google AdWords Trademark Restrictions

There’s an announcement of a significant change in Google’s trademark policy.


Yahoo! Search Marketing adding in Demographic Targeting

Hardly an internationally recognized metric but the “Attacat Excitement about New Paid Search Feature Index” (compiled (ish) from the general buzz in the office when one of the main search engines adds new features) has become notable (in the office anyway) for the very low score of any release on Yahoo! Search Marketing.

Google Analytics Qualification – Yes we have it!

Last night Google launched a new qualification for Google Analytics specialists.


Google Latitude – another step towards location aware advertising

Google Latitude allows you to broadcast your current location to friends, family (and colleagues no doubt!). It’s hardly a surprising development but it is a reminder of how Google is going to be able to improve it’s locational targeting for AdWords and other advertising products. (Opt-in of course!)

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