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Simple but Fantastic Conversion Tip

Simple but Fantastic Conversion Tip

Sometimes you stumble across a gem. This tip taken from Dayton Bird’s Bird Droppings Blog (it’s amazing where you find yourself on the web these days)


Another Qualified Google Advertising Professional

Congratulations Hannah!
Hannah Gibson has become the latest member of the team to pass the Google advertiser exam with a score of over 90% (pass mark 75%).
Of course, this is the expected standard for all Attacat account managers so we weren’t surprised about her high score but that won’t stop the obligatory celebratory drinks.


Reciprocal Linking now against Google Guidelines?  Hmmm.

Ethics is always a hot topic of conversation in the search marketing world. Of late there have been some discussions, led by Search Engine Land, about how some search engine optimisers seek to use the Google Webmaster Guidelines (Google’s much vaunted list of dos and don’ts […]


Google AdWords dominance boosted by US Authorities?

You may have been following the protracted saga of the proposed deal to show Google adverts on Yahoo! Google has finally pulled out of this deal blaming both the legal battle with the competition authorities as well as disapproval from some key advertisers.


Belfast Google Seminar

f you happen to be passing Belfast way next Thursday, I am doing the paid search section of a search marketing seminar at the Balmoral Hotel, Blacks Road, Belfast, Northern Ireland. It’s free and also covers SEO.

Google’s new browser Chrome – will my website still work?

Googles new browser, Chrome, has now been officially launched. As with most Google products we will most likely see quite a quick uptake of their new technology (based on WebKit, the open source engine used for Apples’ Safari browser) meaning that a not insignificant number of people will soon be surfing the web using […]


Free Clicks in AdWords – More Sponsored Links Explained

I’ve been digging a bit further into the new layout of the More Sponsored Links on Google and it turns out that any clicks on these adverts are free!
In addition to the clicks being free they are also not recorded by AdWords and do not factor into any part of the system – no […]


Change to the Layout of More Sponsored Links

Recently (we believe the change happened on August 1st) we have seen a change to the display of the sponsored listing pages after the first page of results. When clicking on the “More sponsored links >>” link at the bottom of the normal 10 listings on the right hand side we are now presented […]


Google Keyword Tool: New Data, same old Smoke

A recent update to the AdWords keyword tool has caused a lot of excitement amoung search marketers, and certainly the introduction of search volume figures (as opposed to an indicator) is welcome.


Page load slowly?  Now it costs you (even more).

As per the heads up in March, Google AdWords have just announced that the time it takes for your landing page (i.e. the page on your site that the AdWords advert is pointed at) is now considered as part of quality score. In a business sense, this […]

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