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Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations Act 2008

The recent update to the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations Act has garnered much attention in advertising circles for its potential to cause havoc with current buzz marketing practices (practices that, arguably, fall under the stealth marketing umbrella and are therefore already illegal but thats another issue entirely).
However, the implications for optimisation and paid […]

Interactive Adverts coming to Google Results Pages?

Google have been spotted testing out a new Merchant Search Beta


Follow up to Glasgow Chamber Seminar

Some thank yous in relation to the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce workshop I ran yesterday:


PPC Management Billing Structures

Brad Geddes has posted an excellent article on Search Engine Land about PPC Management billing structures.


More on the AdWords Trademark Rules Change

Just to clear up some confusion over the recently announced changes to Google’s trademark policy in the UK.

What has changed: What Google will enforce in the UK and Ireland
What hasn’t changed: Trademark Law

Just because Google has softened its policy does not mean that advertisers should jump into advertising on third party trademark terms without thought. […]


Glasgow AdWords Seminar

I am going to be doing another Intro to AdWords seminar for the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce on the 29th May. Details and booking on the chamber’s site .


Google Trademark Policy Update – May 5th 2008

The new trademark regulations from Google, due to be implemented on May 5th 2008, will no longer have the same restrictions that we have enjoyed (or endured, depending on perspective!) with trademarks in the UK & Ireland. This change in policy brings the UK & Ireland into line with the policy in US & Canada where bidding on trademark terms is now commonplace.


Google AdWords Advert Preview Tool

When using Google for search they attempt to “personalize” your search experience. Sometimes this can lead to your own adverts being shown lower than expected (or not at all) when searching. This can happen because you don’t click on your own adverts (please don’t start!) Google will then see your adverts as less relevant to you as you have never clicked on them.


Page Load Time to be factored into your AdWords Advertising Costs

We have speculated in the past that the speed with which your site loads was potentially a factor in your Google AdWords quality score. Experienced advertisers will be familiar with the fact that your quality score directly impacts what you pay for each click from Google.


Video Ads Coming to Google Results

According to the New York Times, Google are to begin testing video adverts on the search results page. At the landing page seminar hosted last year I was asked if I thought Google would start to show video-type adverts. My response was a “no”!

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