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Trademarks in PPC: A new development?

Since the changes to Google Trademark policy it appeared that bidding on trademarks in Google AdWords and other PPC engines was now OK under certain circumstances. However a recent case has seen a judge in the U.S. award damages for infringement of a trademark in Google Adwords to the tune of $292,235.20.

Is this a warning to advertisers or a special case?


New AdWords Trademark Policy: Good news for resellers and others

Last year Google updated their AdWords trademark policy in the US.  The aim was to allow some non-trademark owners to use trademarks as keywords for their PPC advertising without having to get permission from the trademark owner.
As I predicted then, this policy has now been rolled out to the UK (as well as Ireland […]


Google Trademark Policy Update – May 5th 2008

The new trademark regulations from Google, due to be implemented on May 5th 2008, will no longer have the same restrictions that we have enjoyed (or endured, depending on perspective!) with trademarks in the UK & Ireland. This change in policy brings the UK & Ireland into line with the policy in US & Canada where bidding on trademark terms is now commonplace.

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