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PPC and SEO New Media Breakfast in Glasgow round up

I’m just back in Edinburgh having had the opportunity to present on Search Engine Optimisation and Pay per Click at this morning’s New Media Breakfast in Glasgow.
(The event is being re-rerun for Edinburgh folk on Thursday April 15th – Book now!)
It was a great turn out and […]

Attacat's first Stickybit

Stickybits: The New Twitter?

One of the many joys of the Internet is you don’t actually have to be at a big conference to get the big picture (you just miss the often important nuances). SXSW is one such conference that I’d love to be at but when you have the wind and rain of Edinburgh as the option, […]

Social Media Advertising: Options increasing as Twitter unviels plans

Twitter are in the process of revealing more about their planned ad system.  This will add to quite a large number of social advertising platforms, each seeking to cash in on their large user bases.

Worth watching are:

Digg Ads […]


Bigging Up Competitors: Giving credit where credit is due is not such a stupid thing to do

Just had a coffee break discussion about reasons to make sure you give credit where credit is due when blogging, even if that credit is due to a direct competitor.

Social Networks vs Google

The Tectonic Shift: Social Media Driving more Traffic at the Expense of Search?

(Well may be not tectonic but at least tidal)
Every now and then you stumble across something that effectively explains what you instinctively know: that social media is a lot more than a passing buzz word.  Brian Solis’ recent article contained a lot more than the “10 Steps” title suggest.  

Top Seo Films

Geeks Just Wanna Have Fun

This is what Twitter is all about – bringing like-minded people together through banter that only they understand.
Here’s @attacats Top #seofilms & #ppcfilms

And some of our own ones for fun:


LINK: 4Hoteliers – Useful site for, yes Hoteliers

4Hoteliers is a useful site for those in the hotel world. Of particular relevance to some of our clients:

Top Hotelier Twitter’ers: Learning By Example. – by local Edinburgh boy Andy Hayes of


Initial Thoughts on Google Buzz

Google’s latest launch into the Social world.
What Is Google Buzz?
From the Horse’s Mouth:

Initial Thoughts
Some notes jotted on the iPhone on my way home last night
Just taking a very initial look at Buzz whilst heading home. Looks very Twitteresque but allows greater flexibility with what you share (more than text)
Appears as if replies (comments) will come […]

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