User Testing | Attacat of Edinburgh - Part 3
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Bunnyfoot - usability experts

Accessibility and SEO: Can you say that in the same sentence?

Today, Attcats Jon, David and Johan went down town to attend Bunnyfoot’s Charity Seminar covering topics ranging from Usability, Accessibility, testing and site analytics (all will be covered in the Brain). Besides the insightful talks they are trying to raise money for The CARE Challenge, so if you feel you benefit from this article you might consider adding a generous donation here.

Pushkar Fair

Global Audiences, Usability and Pastries (Part 1)

On Friday the 30th of July, a trio of eager Attacatians ventured off to the Bunnyfoot Edinburgh office for a half day seminar on usability based topics. The seminar was designed to raise awareness for Care International UK – if you are interested in making a donation here is the JustGiving page (if anyone from Bunnyfoot is reading this, you’ll see we made a contribution!).

Actionable Insights: The Edinburgh New Media Breakfast Google Analytics Presentation

With the chamber street tower packed to capacity, our very own Ben Rogers gave a fantastic and non techie talk about Google Analytics.

Internet Marketing Bedtime Reading: 4+ Books that all Attacats are required to read

With two new Attacats being sworn in shortly, I’m ordering up more copies of the books that are considered essential reading as part of the rigorous Attacat curriculum. Reading these books gives our new starts an immediate and solid foundation for much of the work we do.
In recommended order.
(Disclaimer: We do get a kick-back if you buy through […]

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London SMX Advanced: SEO Ranking Factors in 2010

This session looks at on-the-page and off-the-page factors that influence web search, to understand what remains useful, what no longer works, and what new signals are growing in importance.
Moderator: Kristjan Mar Hauksson (KH), Director of Internet Marketing, Nordic eMarketing
Q&A Moderator: Will Critchlow (WC), Co-Founder & Director, Distilled

Gary Beal (GB), MD, Vanguard Online Media (Didn’t make […]


Initial Thoughts on Google Buzz

Google’s latest launch into the Social world.
What Is Google Buzz?
From the Horse’s Mouth:

Initial Thoughts
Some notes jotted on the iPhone on my way home last night
Just taking a very initial look at Buzz whilst heading home. Looks very Twitteresque but allows greater flexibility with what you share (more than text)
Appears as if replies (comments) will come […]

Google’s new browser Chrome – will my website still work?

Googles new browser, Chrome, has now been officially launched. As with most Google products we will most likely see quite a quick uptake of their new technology (based on WebKit, the open source engine used for Apples’ Safari browser) meaning that a not insignificant number of people will soon be surfing the web using […]


Video Ads Coming to Google Results

According to the New York Times, Google are to begin testing video adverts on the search results page. At the landing page seminar hosted last year I was asked if I thought Google would start to show video-type adverts. My response was a “no”!


Not seeing the top sponsored listings?

Could you have been looking at your own ads a lot?
If you have been doing a lot of searching on Google recently, you may have noticed an increase in the number of search results pages without a top sponsored links band. I started to notice this towards the end of last week.
Where this is […]

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