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Simple but Fantastic Conversion Tip

Simple but Fantastic Conversion Tip

Sometimes you stumble across a gem. This tip taken from Dayton Bird’s Bird Droppings Blog (it’s amazing where you find yourself on the web these days)


SEO-ing Georgie Barlow: Domain Name

Back in the day, your choice of domain name was an important direct contributor to your results. The search engines would give you “bonus points” if the phrase you were targeting was included in the domain name.


Misspellings good for Business?

I’m supposed to have been on holiday this week but another invite to a Vistage Group presentation in Newcastle tempted me away from a relaxing week in Cumbria to listen to Guy Levine talking about web strategy basics.
Guy has an excellent […]


Time to check your website with IE7

Microsoft have announced in their IE Blog that they will be launching version seven of their widely used Internet Explorer web browser this month.
You are probably thinking so what, I am only interested in marketing my website, I don’t need to worry […]


The Blah, Blah, Blah List

The Blah, Blah, Blah List
As promised more insight from Jaynie Smith’s Competitive Advantage workshop that I attended last week.
A common mistake we all make in marketing our business is failing to understand and communicate our competitive advantages. When asked about competitive advantages or USPs most people reply along the lines of:

Our results
Great customer […]

Competitive Advantage

I was lucky enough to be invited to be a workshop in Gateshead this morning by Vistage Group 21. It was presented by Jaynie Smith author of the book “Creating Competitive Advantage”.
I read the book a couple of months a go […]

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