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PPC roundup: March

Google Display Network Improves Management Options
AdWords Expands Campaign Limits (Again)
General Downturn in Ad Spend
Feeling Negatively About Microsoft?
adCenter Changes Geo Targeting
Alliances Strengthen Between Google’s Competitors
Why You Need to Maintain the Momentum of your PPC

Attacat Month in Numbers

Month In Numbers – April 2011

The Attacat Month In Numbers – April 2011


PPC Roundup – March 2011

What’s been happening in the wonderful world of Pay-per-Click this month?
AdCenter Launches Quality Scores
From Spring the familiar 1-10 Quality Score will be included in Adcenter, formed from sub-scores for; keyword relevance (ie. CTR), landing page (and ad copy) relevance and landing page user experience (as defined by

Microsoft AdCenter Logo

Yahoo & Bing UK Transition now earlier in 2011?

It what is already shaping up to be the best communicated search engine platform transition ever, we got an email this morning from Microsoft AdCenter confirming that the UK transition of Yahoo! search to being powered by Microsoft’s Bing and AdCenter search offerings is on target for early 2011.

Reading between the lines […]

Yahoo & Bing Transition Dates?

As many of you are aware, Yahoo! And Bing are in the midst of a full merger of their engines. So far, the algorithms are already being integrated while the PPC side has just started.

We’ve been receiving calls in regards to UK transition dates and therefore thought that we would update everyone with what we currently know. If you use Yahoo or Bing PPC to target the US, you should be able to start merging your accounts together now. You should see this page within your interface:

Microsoft AdCenter Logo

Yahoo Search Marketing Cremation Confirmed for 2011

As reported previously we have further confirmation that the transition of Yahoo!’s search advertising platform to Microsoft AdCenter will not occur until 2011 in the UK.
We’re working toward completing this transition in the U.S. and Canada before the start of the 2010 holiday season, with additional countries following on a staggered schedule beginning in 2011.
via […]


There were 3 in the Bed and the Little One said

t is a sign of the how things have changed that I am able to describe Microsoft as the “Little One” but in the search game, that is exactly what they are. Yesterday’s announcement of the Yahoo/Microsoft search deal sees Microsoft move up a place in the pecking order and Yahoo Search rolling out of the bed.


Yahoo! Search Marketing adding in Demographic Targeting

Hardly an internationally recognized metric but the “Attacat Excitement about New Paid Search Feature Index” (compiled (ish) from the general buzz in the office when one of the main search engines adds new features) has become notable (in the office anyway) for the very low score of any release on Yahoo! Search Marketing.


Google AdWords dominance boosted by US Authorities?

You may have been following the protracted saga of the proposed deal to show Google adverts on Yahoo! Google has finally pulled out of this deal blaming both the legal battle with the competition authorities as well as disapproval from some key advertisers.


Review of Attacat’s 2007 Predictions part 2

The rest of the predictions we would have “almost put money on”

Prediction 6 – Google will take landing page quality into account for determining your AdWords ranking. Google will also give an indication of quality score which will wake up some currently inefficient advertisers.

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