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Review of Attacat

ack in January, we sat down and put down some thoughts about how search engine advertising would evolve through 2007, not least so we could entertain ourselves in the run up to Christmas by seeing how wrong we were.


Phishing E-Mails

News of a scam e-mail pretending to be from Yahoo! Search Marketing is a timely reminder for all our clients to be vigilant of e-mails purporting to be from the search marketing providers (Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft AdCenter being the big 3).


Cheaper Clicks on Yahoo! Search Marketing

It is a long overdue move and one that could have been much bolder, but YSM have decreased the minimum required bid on many phrases down to 5p (from 10p). Competitive phrases remain at 10p.


New YSM Search Platform Open to all US Advertisers

The much talked about “Panama” update of the Yahoo! (formerly Overture) pay-per-click search marketing platform is now available to all US advertisers as announced on the YSM blog
This is great news for clients who previously could not consider Yahoo! in the US as a result […]


PPC Beta for Yahoo!

Just stumbled across a form to sign up for Yahoo! Search Marketing’s BETA for mobile PPC adverts that we blogged about in early October. They have some nice images showing how it works. Like the Google version, you don’t need to have mobile content to participate.


Overture Keyword Tool Basics

I need to do a quick teach-in for Gareth (our new business manager) on the age old keyword tool provided by Overture (now Yahoo! Search Marketing). So rather than just run through it for him, I thought I would share it here. […]


YSM Panama Update has Started

There is another e-mail in from Yahoo! Search Marketing this morning about their forthcoming update (known as the Panama update and widely seen as YSM moving to a model close to that of Google AdWords).

“Invitations will be sent in stages to U.S. advertisers over the remainder of the year and early next year.”

Since the


Yahoo! Search Marketing Trialing Mobile Adverts

Reported by E-Consultancy

“Yahoo! has started a beta trial of paid-for search results on its mobile internet service in the UK and US.”

Google are also moving into this market. Although poorly utilised at the moment, mobile search, is something we are excited about going forward. The future’s bright, the future’s:

Mobile combining with local – […]


Latest on YSM’s Panama Update

A newsletter received over the weekend has provided a little bit more info about Yahoo! Search Marketing’s much publicised update.
The timeline has been left deliberately vague – “these transitions will begin in fourth quarter 2006”. Based on our past experience, US accounts will probably be moved first with UK accounts coming sometime later.
The other […]

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