No wonder the Apple iPad is a trending topic on Twitter with over 300,000 units being sold on its first day of release. Whether they will prove to become as trendy as the iPhone is irrelevant at the moment as it’s clear that people are keen to get their hands on a tablet and be ‘the first’ in their office or social circle to own one.

So with a sudden surge in people using the new device, it’s important to consider whether you want to target iPad users in your AdWords campaigns or not. Interestingly Google have decided to class iPad users as mobile users, justified by the opinion that the iPad is basically a device with mobile apps.

Personally I feel that iPad users are going to be more likely to convert online than mobile users as the screen is much bigger and I can imagine surfers will more likely use their iPad whilst stationary rather than browsing whilst on foot. Therefore I’d advise re-thinking your campaign settings if you are not currently targeting mobile devices.

Unfortunately there is no option to target just the iPad at the moment, but Google have said that they are working on this to improve targeting settings.

UPDATE (16 April 2010)

AdWords have now updated the campaign settings so that you can target iPad users only if you wish. More information on the Inside AdWords blog.

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