UPDATE: They have now taken down the offending page. We have a screenshot of it in its updated Attacat form below 😉 Page Freeze version here

It appears they have removed the entire blog category: “Digital Marketing | Data Science | Optimisation” which is where the posts were.

UPDATE: An apology has been received from Cube3’s head of digital marketing Chris in the comments below.  We have also received a personal apology by phone which we have accepted.

UPDATE: The culprit appears to be a (relatively experienced) former employee who now works at a larger agency. We have informed the individual in case he wishes to respond.


So we found a company in Manchester that has reproduced at least 2 of our blog posts without any credit.  Amusingly they didn’t even bother hosting the images themselves – they’re still ripping them off our servers.

This level of stupidy is not unusual and we would normally let them get away with it.  However this is a large digital agency with clients like ASDA, Cash Generator and No1 Currency.  In short they should know better!

That’s why we couldn’t resist a little fun & updated all the images in the blog post on their site…


We want to know which one you find the most amusing! Please add your thoughts in the comments below as to which one you think is the best/most amusing etc

The Attacat winner gets to light the burning bag of dog shite we’ll be leaving on their doorstep next week.

Even better – have you got any good suggestions of your own?! Upload them onto our Facebook page 😉

The post itself

The post was stolen by a Manchester agency – we’ll try to keep it under the radar for a little bit so they are called c-u-b-e 3 (without the dashes).

The blog post is sitting here:

And here’s the original for comparison 😉

Post Screenshot