As in all the previous months Google Analytics has conquered the news pedestal and not planning to leave anytime soon. New features are being introduced almost on a weekly basis and it would be an enormous mistake not to at least mention that:

introducing flow visualisation

Path analysis is basically a compulsory task with any new CRO client at Attacat and, honestly, was always a nightmare. We were literally spending hours and hours trying to draw at least something basic using multiple whiteboards but the entire overview was always impossible. Fortunately, these times are over. With the Visitors & Goal flow report you can dig up any relevant user journey insight in matter of few clicks. Make sure to check the introduction post and some videos from Lunametrics.

New Integrations

Social plugins are getting more and more attention from both google engineers and analysts. This month users of both ShareThis and AddThis are getting their love from the GA Social Plugin. You can find further details here. Please note that to enable the integration for AddThis buttons you still would need to add one line of code.

multi-channel funnels

I know this is far away from new and perhaps every single person who has a GA account already played with this new feature for a while. Although, that’s often is the last interaction with this function. Multi Channels are fun and exciting reports to browse but how to incorporate them in your  day-to-day analytics culture? – Piece of Cake! Just free up around 30 min of your time and go through this webinar combined with post webinar notes and answers from here. If you still don’t know what to do with Multi Channels – consider changing your career.

Just to finish with analytics, would be silly not to mention another great post from Avinash. Especially for all those “Social media Experts” who still measure their success based on the amount of likes or followers – 3 best social media metrics. Start tracking progress with real metrics

sliding deck

Sliding decks, rotating gallery or carousel. It doesn’t really matter what you call them but if you will browse online for  2-3 min you would spot at least one site with this prominent feature. “Everybody uses it” is always a bad reason to base your marketing decisions and i think that’s why Chris Goward from Wider Funnel decided to review this function. Check out his conclusions

holy cow!!!1

I really think my roundups are way too focused on news so I want to introduce a permanent feature of this and hopefully every other roundups in the future – Holy Cow!!!1. Even though I am always an advocate of serious and lengthy CRO projects where data gathering and methodology takes way longer than the actual testing, sometimes you spot the case study where a little change affected a gigantic improvement and all I can say is just Holly Cow!!!1. This month I introduce you to the 1475% improve in IBM’s registration page via Marketing Experiments.


Every single CRO padawan could easily tell that anxiety and friction are the real Bonnie & Clyde of your current conversion rate and there are thousands of tips available online on how you can actually decrease their effect. But today I want to avoid that. There is one reason why I always liked the Meclabs and MarExp team and the blog posts they are producing. They have a talent of structuring the processes within the CRO in a proper scientific way resulting in a reliable framework we marketers can follow. In October they decided to review  Anxiety and came up with very precise and really interesting categorisation. Definitely have a look! CRO can be done in scientific way or not done at all.

Just to finish..

If you have some insightful web analytics resources or an event that  I accidently skipped please feel free to post it in the comments and I will add it to the post afterwards (a proper attribution and link is guaranteed!)