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back of the (conversion) net73% increase in lead generation rate

Powerleague is a leading recreational football provider with 43 state-of-the-art centres across the UK – somewhere you can go to belt a ball around with/at your mates . With more pitches than any other provider, they rely heavily their site providing them with leads.  Getting fast, measurable results was the primary goal for implementing our Conversion Rate Optimisation process.

how did we manage that?

We had been managing Powerleague’s PPC account for quite some time so we knew which pages were performing badly. All it took was a little bit of analysis to find out why.

Lead generation websites commonly include an enquiry form at the end of the process (or funnel). In Powerleague’s case every single enquiry (pitch hire, kid’s party or corporate day out) lead to one form – this was where we had to focus our attention!


Powerleague control

We needed fast results so we went with UserTesting.com for gathering data. Within half a day we had hours of video footage of users engaging with the form.

How did we do it?

User testing was chosen as the main data aggregator for our hypothesis. As getting fast results was our primary goal we went with UserTesting.com rather than conducting in house tests. Within half day we already had hours of video recordings of visitors engaging with the form we were planning to optimise. User testing can give you fabulous insights – even from one session. The main difficulty is to filter these findings in a digestible way to prioritise the most important ones for final hypothesis.

Here are a few points that we highlighted as important.

don’t confuse your users

The headline and the primary calls-to-action used the word ‘booking’. The actual form was just an enquiry without any actual obligations.

incentivise first, ask for favours second

Free prize draws were offered whenever somebody submitted the enquiry form. The problem is that those incentives were displayed at the end of the form and only noticed by users who had already completed the form.

make sure the info you need is correct

Either email addresses or phone numbers are required in order to contact the visitor after the enquiry submission. Without any verification scripts, significant amount of leads were lost because of typos and other user mistakes.

speak the same language

Several types of application were offered in the very first field. This simple choice became confusing as the user couldn’t understand the choices e.g a simple pitch hire was called a ‘social booking’

save their time

Most users landed on the form directly after viewing a specific centre page e.g. Croydon, Manchester, Barnet etc. yet they still had to choose their location from a drop down menu. With 42 centres in total  this often resulted in serious frustration.

Here are the variation changes prepared for the developer combining the findings above and couple of other small tweaks:


Powerleague variation


last touch

Just before the new variation of the form was created we worked a bit on the introduction text. We cut the amount of copy in half and made sure it strengthens the enquiry purpose of the form.

The new form has removed the roadblocks and friction which so often caused visitors to abandon the previous version.

eliminating guesswork

From here it was a simple case of running a split test to see which versino would perform better. The results were  more than satisfactory:

Powerleague results

What’s next?

If you are the decision maker at your company think about asking for a raise because you’re about to become ‘unfireable’.
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