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A Hume-ongous Uplift! 32% Rise in Conversion Rate

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A Hume are a prestigious retailer of fine country clothing with a heritage that goes back over 80 years. Since joining the world of eCommerce in 2007 they have been striving (and succeeding) in delivering the same high class customer service that has become synonymous with their Kelso boutique. We were asked to look at the site and see where easy changes could be made to improve the conversion rate of the site.

How We Did It

One thing we were keen to achieve was a change that could be made with minimal development requirements. Quite often when optimising a site we will see big opportunities that could provide a huge improvement. The problem is that with big changes, big development costs can sometimes follow!

One easy opportunity we saw was in the checkout process. We wanted to avoid a complete checkout redesign as this would become costly very quickly. Instead we predominantly focused on the layout and messaging of some of the key steps that would smooth and speed up the experience for the user.

We obviously had to be careful that user paths were isolated so that only the original or treatment variations were seen throughout their entire journey.

You can click on the images below to see larger versions

Step 1 – Login


What we did here is actually deceptively simple:

  • We added an express checkout, essentially just the same as “Register an account” but without the requirement for a password further down the line
  • We renamed “New Users” to “Register an account” and added an explanation of what the benefit is
  • We reduced the prominence of the forgot password function

 Step 4 – Billing Details

Case study step 4 comparison

Although  you can see that the length of the page has been greatly reduced we didn’t actually remove a huge amount of content:

  • The shipping details were previously expanded by default. Our treatment only shows them if they are different to the billing details.
  • We found out that almost no one was opting out of receiving order updates so we decided to remove this option
  • Saved baskets only applies to customers creating an account
  • The price and call to action was made much larger with a slight tweak to the text

The results is a much cleaner and easy to understand page that clearly highlights the next action the user should take.


The combination of the changes above gave us a whopping 32.6% uplift in conversion rate! After waiting for the test to reach statistical significance (in this case of 99.9%) we were able to conclude that the treatment variation should be implemented immediately, just in time for the peak Christmas trading period to begin.

What next? Go get yourself a drink,Victor – you’ve earned it!

If your name is Victor then that’s what your boss will tell you when your conversion rate and revenue start increasing (which we guarantee to achieve). If your parents weren’t so kind, don’t worry, we can do the same for you too.

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