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Clare Florist - Conversion Rate Optimisation - Email Marketing

Bloomin’ Marvellous –a 4 times increase in revenue for flower retailer

Clare Florist are an online flower retailer based in the UK. They have a sizeable list of subscribers and were seeing decent conversion rates from their email marketing campaigns already.

We were already well into the conversion optimisation process for the client’s email marketing and things were going full steam in the Attacat labs. This test aimed to improve the email performance of following metrics:

Email marketing for online florist

Now, what if you can’t stand sunflowers? Even though all of Clare Florist’s products are beautifully arranged and superbly priced you are just not a big fan of sunflowers. No matter how cheap and how well packaged a sunflower bouquet is there is no way you will ever buy one.

This got us thinking, what would be the point in sending a sunflower offer to you? Further, if you don’t like sunflowers there must be others on the list getting an offer for flowers they don’t want. Would it not be better to make these offers more targeted? If someone purchased a bouquet of summer flowers let’s send a great summer flower offer to them. At the same time we can still send the sunflower offer to all the sunflower customers – everyone is happy!

So how did we achieve a 4 fold increase in revenue?

We had a planned email campaign which was to contain 3 products. We used our current email template as the control and sent these offers to a random chunk of our subscriber base.

Control version (before)

Email marketing control version

Now here’s the clever bit. For the variation we created a segment of our list that contained only subscribers who had previously purchased roses. We then did the same for summer flowers who would receive the gerbera offer. To keep everything equal the combined numbers of these lists matched our control segment.

Variation (After)

Email marketing variation

Notice how we also stripped the Facebook, Twitter and Email links – these  This segmentation gave us very highly targeted lists of subscribers who would be receiving offers very relevant to their purchase history, a bit like giving a laser sight to a deer stalker!

So what happened?

The results speak for themselves:

Online florist email marketing results

By having an extremely targeted and tightly manage segment we were able to have a huge impact on all of our key performance indicators.

Everything’s coming up roses

How do you fancy having seeing of these stats on your email marketing campaigns? If you are ready to start optimising get in touch and see what the Attacat team can do for you.

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