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A New Season For Fashion Revenue & ROI Rises on a Mature PPC Account

Even an expertly managed PPC advertising account that has been delivering results for many years has scope for improvement.  And that’s exactly why leading Scottish Fashion retailer ScotlandShop.com gets yet another opportunity to strut their stuff on our case study catwalk.  Here’s what the last 12 month of their well established PPC campaigns (Google AdWords etc) achieved:


  • Year on Year Return On Investment up 12%

  • Year on Year Revenue up 15%

  • An international customer base that just keeps on growing!


Attacat have been key to our growth, changing and adapting the campaign to maximise our sales.

          Anna White, Owner ScotlandShop

Are you seeing success too? We can help you continue to grow:

Push your sales season on season

Introducing our long standing client, ScotlandShop

With all this flag waving in the run up to the Referendum we’re forgetting what Scotland is really about – tartan!  But not that tourist tartan – the real finely made tartan. ScotlandShop.com is a leading retailer of a large array of Scottish and tartan products, ranging from custom made tartan clothing to tableware and soft furnishings. The traditional Scottish feel and superior quality of their products has brought them a steadfast customer base not only in the UK but from all over the World. With tartan already popular on mass and the fall fashion magazines hailing tartan as “in” this season, it was prime time to further raise the fashion stakes of ScotlandShop’s PPC advertising.

Does this case study feel familiar?

Hold on! This isn’t the first case study on ScotlandShop, or even the second – in fact the first time we did a case study on ScotlandShop was so long ago it’s hard to believe the internet was even around. Rather than putting a date on it and showing our age, let’s just say that the first time round the Attacat website looked like this:


Anyway… let’s pretend you didn’t see that. Let’s promptly move on to ScotlandShop’s latest case study!

What We Did

At the beginning of Q3 2012, we set out to push ScotlandShop’s seasoned but thriving PPC account even further. Our goals from the outset was to achieve (lots) more revenue and a significant hike in Return on Investment (ROI) for ScotlandShop. Maybe it’s no surprise, but a good account is easier to improve than a bad one, so lucky for us that we’d had our hands on the account for some time by then!

The chief areas we accessorized/ made over/ embellished/dressed up (I’m not even sorry) were:

identifying patterns of high spenders

One of ScotlandShop’s unique offers is it’s ability to serve customers looking to personalise products and garments in a tartan of their choice. Whether it’s for pride in the family clan tartan or for the love of fashion, ScotlandShop’s customers are spoiled for choice!  However not many users specify they want a custom option, and rarely search for ‘custom tartan skirt’, so we had to crunch the data to really pinpoint the most searched for products and phrases used by those who end up wanting a custom product. By targeting keywords and tailoring ad copy based on this analysis we were able to reach and specifically serve this niche market waiting to be indulged.

broad categories to engage users early

By expanding more generic, top level and broader keyword areas we were able to cast our net wide, and not only nationwide but worldwide! This meant we were able to avoid missing out on reaching users early in the umming and ahhing research phase. By looking at the conversion paths of sales, we can see that these campaigns were integral to the early stages of the user’s purchase funnel. This data also gave us clues about which categories could benefit most from drilling down and refining the ad groups we were using.

a web of ad groups to catch all the customers! (not that they’re flies, though)

It’s an ongoing process, but we really put our back into it this time and aligned all the search queries coming into the account with the most relevant ads. A lot of restructuring of campaigns, consolidating ad groups and A LOT of negative keywords allowed a web of ads to be built right across the product range, each steering the user to whatever product or tartan their heart desires.


Can We Do The Same For You?

Over Q1-Q2 2013 the AdWords return on investment improved by 12% while revenue increased by 15% compared to the same period the previous year. This means ScotlandShop has continued to grow its customer base through paid search and is now paying less for each new sale, something they are really happy about:

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A few bits about Us, ScotlandShop and You

Who are we?

You probably know roughly what we do: internet marketing from an Edinburgh base. And you know roughly who we do it for: ambitious organisations where-ever they may be.

And the personality question – “But who are we really?” Well, by day we are internet marketing specialists with a particular passion for metrics; experts in our field with a proven track record. By night we are, well, pretty much the same thing only not in the office – we do usually go home in the evenings although this is negotiable!

And you?

It’s that chemistry thing. Over the years we’ve seen a correlation between certain characteristics of a client and a positive outcome with our engagement. ScotlandShop and each of the 16 companies that we have been through the £1 million of internet turnover mark have the following characteristics:

  • have a genuine customer service ethic with a willingness to listen to customers & address mistakes
  • have the ambition to be the No.1 player in their field (however big or small)
  • are willing to experiment and change the way they do business if needs be
  • can make decisions quickly
  • are willing to invest whenever they see results
  • know that the web does not owe them a living but that an excellent living can be earned
  • do not necessarily have big budgets
  • may or may not have a long history

Are we the right fit for you?


If you’d like us to do a “ScotlandShop” for you, then fill out the form below or give us a call on 0131 20 1441 so you can let us know what the next objective we need to achieve is.

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