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Landscaping success Sowing the seeds of content

Gardens Galore are one of our beloved long-standing clients: a friendly Perthshire-based garden landscaping company primarily servicing central Scotland.

After we had increased their search advertising enquiries by 230% and cut their cost-per-enquiry by 50% it was time to start improving their organic or ‘SEO’ search traffic. Thanks to our efforts their site traffic is up by over 125% – but what did we do?

We wanted to dig deep into Gardens Galore’s unique selling points and develop their onsite content in order to optimise the website for search engines and users alike.

Gardens Galore case studyh

  • Traffic to the website up 125% year-on-year and enquiries to the website up 21%

  • Visitors to the blog up 75% (over a 6 month period)

  • A happy client with a larger and better understanding of content, SEO and marketing as a whole.

Gardens Galore logo

We have been working closely with Attacat and they have really helped us to grasp an understanding of internet marketing. The training session provided by Charlie was very informative and user friendly and the hand out material has been beneficial to refer back to. The regular statistics provided by Attacat illustrate the marked improvements to our SEO.  We are delighted to have Attacat on board and look forward to our continued working towards ongoing improvements to both our website and the promotion and marketing of our growing business.

          Jen Byiers, Director at Gardens Galore 

Our objectives were simple: we wanted to build an online strategy that genuinely helps both customers and prospects and doesn’t just scratch the surface. The aim of this is to ultimately make the website sell better, make it easier for Google to understand and thereafter increase traffic and conversions on the site.

We also had a wider objective of giving the Gardens Galore team as much guidance and shared knowledge as possible to get them geared up for developing and sharing content.


So, what did we do?

Gardens Galore had previously invested in designing a great website that visually displays the company’s projects and personality perfectly, so that was one essential thing ticked off the list. Next they needed to build a solid web presence and really engage with visitors through the content on their website; that’s where Attacat stepped in. We used our two-day-a-month search engine optimisation (SEO) consultancy budget to develop an internet marketing strategy for Gardens Galore with a  focus on content.

Gardens Galore were particularly understanding of how their online and offline marketing should integrate and overlap, and expressed an interest in being able to learn and do marketing themselves and work together with us. This of course was music to our little Attacat ears!

Getting to grips with blogging

Gardens Galore were very aware that their industry is a very aspirational one and is also an industry where visuals play an absolutely critical role; potential customers might come onto the website in November, look through a few photo galleries or read a few blog posts, and might not actually enquire or be ready to pay for a project until six months later. Here lies the importance of keeping these visitors in close proximity and where blogging and the ability to share relevant content effectively can help.

Jen at Gardens Galore had expressed a great interest in capitalising on content and ensuring that they were pushing strength towards the blog area of the website. In order to help them out with this Attacat put together a tailored hands-on blogging workshop to give the team practical advice that they could go away and start implementing straight away. The workshop included topics such as optimising blog posts for search engines, tips for searching for trending topics, about four cups of tea and I think there were a few blueberry muffins thrown into the mix as well!

What followed were glossy new blog posts that were full of relevant and interesting information that were easy for search engines to find and value as well as a happy client full to the brim with knowledge and ideas.

Gardens Galore blog images

Sensing that there was more to be had

Everything that Gardens Galore create is unique – every garden design and landscaping project is completely individual and no project they’re involved in is the same as the last. This in itself is a wonderful thing; however it can sometimes mean that potential customers can get overwhelmed quite quickly. We talked above about the gardening industry being based on aspiration and getting customers to envision their potential garden can be of much greater value than just showing them what other people have had done.

We agreed that a bespoke gardening guide was just the solution to the problem. Gardens Galore had thoroughly enjoyed some recent sensory garden projects they had embarked on and felt it was a concept they were excited to share their knowledge of. It was also a fantastic way of showcasing their sensory garden project, and of course their brand even more.

Sensory gardens guide

You’ve got them sitting on the garden bench, now what?

Once the blog was brimming with content we wanted to make sure that this was translated across the rest of the website in order to be there waiting when customers were ready to invest in their garden.

In order to improve the number of visitors to the site converting into sales leads we made a number of tweaks (both to the content and layout) across the site that helped to improve the user’s overall experience and journey through the website. Ultimately we wanted to make sure that visitors found the page they were looking for and found all the information they needed on that page.

Sensory for SEO


I’m sensing results here…

ESPC magazine cove

The success we really want to shout about here is a happy client with a much better understanding and appreciation of the importance of what we do and how everything connects together, but we know that won’t be enough for you so here are a few stats and metrics to keep you happy:

  • Traffic to the website up 125% year-on-year as well as enquiries to the website being up 21%
  • Traffic from referring external sites up 486%
  • Traffic to the blog up 75%
  • First page Google rankings for a number of ‘sensory garden’ terms as well as consistently high rankings for various other target keywords and phrases
  • A whole host of fantastic relationships built and content collaborations with relevant and highly respected sources including the ESPC, Gardening blog Fennel and Fern and the Real Home Magazine Online Edition

Want your business to grow?

We can do the same for you. Get in touch today to begin sowing the seeds (sorry!) of your future success.

Make the most of your marketing budget

A few bits about us, Gardens Galore and you

Who are we?

You probably know roughly what we do: internet marketing from an Edinburgh base. And you know roughly who we do it for: ambitious organisations where-ever they may be.

And the personality question – “But who are we really?” Well, by day we are internet marketing specialists with a particular passion for metrics; experts in our field with a proven track record. By night we are, well, pretty much the same thing only not in the office – we do usually go home in the evenings although this is negotiable!

And you?

It’s that chemistry thing. Over the years we’ve seen a correlation between certain characteristics of a client and a positive outcome with our engagement. Gardens Galore and each of the 16 companies that we have been through the £1 million of internet turnover mark have the following characteristics:

  • have a genuine customer service ethic with a willingness to listen to customers & address mistakes
  • have the ambition to be the No.1 player in their field (however big or small)
  • are willing to experiment and change the way they do business if needs be
  • can make decisions quickly
  • are willing to invest whenever they see results
  • know that the web does not owe them a living but that an excellent living can be earned
  • do not necessarily have big budgets
  • may or may not have a long history


Are we the right fit for you?

If you’d like us to do a “Gardens Galore” for you, then fill out the form below or give us a call on 0131 20 1441 so you can let us know how we can help your business grow (see what we did there).

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