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First Personal Injury - SEO (Bigger Picture)

Personal Injury SEO– cutting the cost per case

Attacat Services Used: Search Engine Optimisation, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Pay-per-click

The Client

First Personal Injury are a firm of solicitors specialising in accident & personal injury claims in England and Wales.

First Personal Injury came to Attacat to take over their online marketing (including Website management, SEO & PPC) alongside their existing TV advertising partner agency.

Previously the Search Engine Optimisation tactics that had been used on the site were short-term focussed rather than long-term and so there was a risk that the site could lose rankings or face Google penalties. Additionally, the client required a better content management system on the website to allow their own members of staff to update content as they wished.


Our initial objectives were:

  • To ‘clean’ up the site of any short-term tactics that could impose a risk on losing rankings
  • To provide a user-friendly content management system
  • To generate more enquiries through the website, at a lower cost-per-case
  • To test PPC in various areas

What We Did

Firstly Attacat removed anything from the site or associated with the site that could trigger a penalty from Google. The installation of good SEO tactics and attributes was also an important part of this process to maintain the website’s strenth.

The website was also transferred onto the WordPress platform which then included a follow-up training session with the staff at First Personal Injury to allow them to edit the content themselves.

Further down the line, Attacat ran split tests on the website to increase the conversion rate and gain more online enquiries. The majority of this work included updates to the enquiry forms on the website.

The pay-per-click account was reviewed and re-launched after little success in the past. Attacat refined keywords and focused in on lower costing, higher converting phrases to run PPC more cost-effectively.

What We Achieved

  • Maintained first page positions for key terms + 11% increase in traffic
  • Gained new rankings for more long-term keywords
  • 17% increase in conversion rate from minimal testing
  • 10% increase in accepted cases
  • Improved the cost-per-case by 47% YoY
  • Increased the number of online actions by 11% YoY
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