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Slopes of Success PPC Enquiries Rise 60% Year on Year

Ski Independence have been the UK’s leading tailor-made ski specialist for a number of years featuring a range of bespoke ski holidays on their website. Their parent company, Osprey Holidays also run the popular ski accommodation website and newly-launched European city breaks site Osprey Holidays. Before the the 2012/13 season hit, Attacat set out a plan to build on the earlier work and really push the PPC enquiries to get some EPIC AIR!

Michael Bennett, Managing Director Osprey Holidays

  • Winter enquiries from PPC increase 60%

  • Simplified a complicated account

  • An excited client who can’t wait to do it all again next season!


Attacat have been a hugely important Paid Search resource for both Ski Independence and Powderbeds and have been an incredibly safe pair of hands as we approach the Winter ski season.

Michael Bennett, Managing Director Osprey Holidays

If you’re account is proving too much to handle then obviously we’d love to help:

Prioritise Your PPC Account

How We Decided What Was Important

The biggest problem facing Ski-I was the full breadth of the

service they offered and the complexity of their customer’s needs, combined with the volatile price changes of hundreds of accommodation providers across the World during peak season.

On Your Marks, Get Ready…

We had to create highly relevant ads while being able to react quickly to price changes, booking deadlines and availability.


Top to Bottom

  • OK, We’re off! First we created campaigns for users early in the research phase searching for the different resorts. This doubled as a method to research the rising popularity and success of the different resorts, and pointed us in the right direction of the ones worth expanding on.
  • Based on the highest traffic resorts driving the most enquiries, we drilled down into the properties and created highly tailored ads for users at the point of booking. Prioritising the accommodation ads like this, rather than creating ads for all of them, was pivotal in making time available to optimise the performance of the account.

Making the gates

  • But wait! Before we went any further we had to restructure the account, so a consistent and organised design could go throughout it. This meant bulk changes could be made to all the property ads at once, and allow the account to be scalable across a growing number of resorts and properties.

Picking up Pace

  • We’re moving now and picking up data. This meant we could implement a CPA-targeting bidding strategy to reduce the time required to optimise the bids, freeing it up for analysis and managing which properties were running when.
  • With the home stretch in sight we added call tracking to the website to generate a unique dynamic number for each visitor, allowing phonecall data generated by the PPC activity to be fed back into Google Analytics as a goal, giving extra insight into what the activity was achieving. 

Apres Ski: The Results


Over the ski season Oct-12 to Mar-13, enquiries attributed to the PPC activity rose over 60% compared with the same period last year. With the initial restructuring now out of the way, we’re excited about another record-breaking ski season ahead for Osprey Holidays!

We Can Do The Same For You

Are you losing business because there’s too much work to do in your account? Give us a call and let us prioritise!

Beat Your PPC Competition

A Few Bits About Us, Ski Independence and You

Who are we?

You probably know roughly what we do: internet marketing from an Edinburgh base. And you know roughly who we do it for: ambitious organisations where-ever they may be.

And the personality question – “But who are we really?” Well, by day we are internet marketing specialists with a particular passion for metrics; experts in our field with a proven track record. By night we are, well, pretty much the same thing only not in the office – we do usually go home in the evenings although this is negotiable!

And you?

It’s that chemistry thing. Over the years we’ve seen a correlation between certain characteristics of a client and a positive outcome with our engagement. Ski Independence, along with  each of the 16 companies that we have seen through the £1 million of internet turnover mark have the following characteristics:

  • have a genuine customer service ethic with a willingness to listen to customers & address mistakes
  • have the ambition to be the No.1 player in their field (however big or small)
  • are willing to experiment and change the way they do business if needs be
  • can make decisions quickly
  • are willing to invest whenenver they see results
  • know that the web does not owe them a living but that an excellent living can be earned
  • do not necessarily have big budgets
  • may or may not have a long history

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