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Sponsored Stories How to compete against $15billion companies

So you are taking on a company rumoured to be worth $15billion who are spending enough on advertising to make your eyes water – just how do you even begin to compete?

Enter Facebook Sponsored Stories

Fortunately there remain many marketing opportunities for the smaller guy to compete, but one new addition to the tool box is Facebook Sponsored Stories. In brief, Sponsored Stories spread the word about people interacting with your brand to their friends.

So, if someone “Likes” your page, this fact can appear on their friend’s Facebook page as an advert.

We all know that word of mouth sells. Facebook Sponsored Stories simply amplifies that word of mouth, and the results show it does it well – very well.

Gain 1/3 of your competitor’s Facebook presence in 12 days

Our client (undisclosed so we don’t compromise their confidentiality) launched their service in their home city and expanded to another city nearby a few months later.

From a standing start and using Sponsored Stories, the 2nd city fan page achieved 36% as many “Likes” as the dominant competitor in the region – in only 12 days.

Having over a 1/3rd of the reach on Facebook as someone like that has given our client a robust stronghold in a viciously competitive market.

Surely this isn’t all down to Facebook Stories?

Of course not; our client already had their established presence in their home city, giving them a head start. But Sponsored Stories had a big impact there too – we witnessed the growth rate of their established hometown Facebook community increase from roughly 25 Likes per day to 238 Likes per day – an 850% increase in daily Likes.

But this wouldn’t have been possible by just simply switching on Sponsored Stories. As mentioned earlier, Sponsored Stories “amplify” – to make the best of them, you need good quality sound in the first place. So the Sponsored Stories campaign worked because:

  1. The right product was being promoted; and vitally
  2. During the campaign, our partners fatBuzz worked to nurture and develop a strong local community on Facebook

Has the revenue followed?

In short, yes.  Over the same time period, new registrations (and therefore future revenue opportunities) were up 107% with purchases up 77%.


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