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Thistle do nicely!18% increase in conversion rate for Scotland Shop

Attacat Services Used: Pay-per-Click, Conversion Rate Optimisation

Scotland Shop is a leading provider of tartan gifts and accessories for everybody. We were asked to improve the user experience and the efficiency of the checkout process in order to maximise the value of the current traffic.

How we’ve done it

Our first job was to review and analyse the site as it was to discern where improvements could be made. Something that stood out for us was the complexity of the product page and how there was potential for customers to become confused. Scotland shop improvementWe decided to focus on this page and simplify the usability of choosing, editing and finally buying their custom range of products. So our test hypothesis became that by implementing these tactics we would naturally increase the conversion rate by providing  a less confusing and much more usable experience.

before: the site before our involvement

after: our treatment

As you can see we have:

  • Visually distinguished between steps 1 and 2 to simplify the decision making process
  • Added an image highlighting the required action (Choose a tartan)
  • Moved primary CTA to a more prominent position in the customers’ eyeflow
  • Included sizing guide much closer to the actual sizing input fields

So what happened?

Our hypothesis was confirmed –  the variation page performed a whopping 18% betterthan the original!

Did it last long?

For sure it did! Our ginger analyst lady always insures that our CRO results are there forever!



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