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Eden Springs Case Study - Bigger Picture (PPC, SEO, Email, Social, Analytics)

Water result!179% Increase in lead generation rate

Attacat Services Used: Pay-per-Click, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Social Media, SEO

Eden Springs is the UK’s number 1 water cooler supplier with more depots, delivery staff and customers than any other company. Attacat have had a close working relationship with Eden Springs for years and we recently embarked on a series of conversion rate optimisation (CRO) activities.

How did we do it?

The product page was chosen as the first focal point for CRO as this was the weakest step in the lead generation channel. Remote user testing highlighted the general confusion and friction users were experiencing after arriving at the product pages. This was losing qualified leads as our users were unable to make the final decision.

Based on this information we hypothesised that by completely eliminating the irrelevant copy and calls-to-action (CTA), highlighting the unique value proposition (UVP) of the product and reducing general friction would solve the problems described above and increase the lead generation rate. See what we did for yourself:

Before: The site before our changes

After: Our formulated test variation

So what happened?

Our hypothesis was confirmed – holy hydration! Split testing the two versions showed that the treatment page performed 179.64% better than the original!

Did it last long?

For sure it did! Our ginger analyst lady always insures that our CRO results are there forever!

What next? Take a holiday Bob – you’ve earned it!

That’s what your boss will tell you when your conversion rate and revenue start increasing (if your name is Bob). We’ll even guarantee results or your money back!

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