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Data Gatheringacting on evidence

Conversion rate optimisation is about making changes based on quantifiable information. Not gut instinct, not intuition and not what you read on the latest trendy blog post.

If you start running tests without first researching your visitor’s needs, motivations and frustrations then you may as well pour half of your marketing budget down the sink!

When we begin a CRO project the first thing we do is undertake a process of in depth research. We need as much data as we can get our hands on and we use several methods to gather it.

This process can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months and it is absolutely vital that it’s undertaken. The insights gained from this stage can also be applied to other marketing channels like PPC, SEO and email marketing.

The key in all of the methods below is the analysis of the data that you gather. It’s relatively easy for anyone to set up a user test or a heatmap – the real value is gained in the preparation and analysis of the results.

Our trumpet blowing zone

We are are the number 1 recommended agency in the UK for Conversion Rate Optimisation as judged by TopSEOs.

We’ve also got some super happy clients that have allowed us to write the following case studies about the data gathering work we did with them:

Highland Titles Scotland Shop - Conversion Rate Optimisation (also PPC & SEO) Powerleague - 73% lead generation uplift - case study

User Testing

You may have your own ideas about the way your customers are using your site but one round of user testing will change that. This technique is likely to show that there is a huge spectrum of ability and understanding among your website users. When user testing we record real users completing various tasks and scenarios on your site and the results never fail to amaze.

Business Mugshot Workshop

Ideally we’ll have a face to face meeting (but of course location means this isn’t always possible!) A few hours spent together completing your Business Mugshot  will help us gain an understanding of your business from your point of view. This will be where we begin to craft and formulate your unique value propositions, identify gaps in your offering and invent a vision for the future of your business.

Customer Surveys

Have you assumed that you know what your customers really think of your product or service? Unless you’ve asked them you might be surprised and find out that you really don’t! We’ll find out what they like, what irritates them, what they want to see more of and uncover a whole host of other insights that can be used as part of your overall marketing strategy.

Onsite Surveys

Getting feedback from visitors as they are actually using your site is a fantastic way of tapping into instant and relevant feedback. A mix of qualitative and quantitative information allows us to tease out the areas which are dissuading and off putting to your potential customers.


This technique uses specialist software which produces a graphical illustration of the areas of each page where traffic is most dense. Heatmaps therefore also highlight the areas of a page which are being ignored or underused. We then take these maps and provide you with a tailored layout which will improve the visibility and positioning of the vital areas of your page.

Form Analytics

How well are your forms working? Is the purpose of your form clear to the customer or do they confuse and frustrate your visitors? Form analytics is a tool which allows you to gauge how customers are engaging with the forms on your site. The data gained highlights any features of your form which might deter customers, this knowledge is then used to decrease form abandonment.The idea is that the less hoops a customer has to jump through the less likely it is that they will exit the conversion process and go looking elsewhere.

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