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Conversion rate optimisation is all about the evidence. Without evidence any changes you make to your site or processes are based on instinct and guesswork.

Split testing is the process of showing different versions of a page to different visitors.  The performance of the different versions are measured and, if one out performs the other, it then becomes the new version of the site.  Companies like Amazon and Google split test continuously and are always looking for improvements.

The data gathering phase that every Attacat CRO project goes through provides us with mountains of information to sift through and digest. This enables us to devise hypotheses that, in our opinion, have a very good chance of improving the conversion rate of a site. However, opinion and proof are often light years apart.

This is where split testing comes in. It enables us to prove, categorically,  that one version of something converts better than another. Split testing is also known as A/B testing and is an extremely important process in the development of any site. After all, you’ll want to know whether a change will actually improve and not hinder your conversion rate?

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We’ve had some amazing results from carrying out split testing for our clients that we’re able to crow about here. Almost every CRO project that we undertake will go through some form of split testing. Take a look at our client case studies below to get an idea of the sort of improvements that we could be helping you make to your site too.

Flying Scot Airport Parking - Conversion Rate Optimisation (also PPC & SEO) A Hume - Conversion Rate Optimisation (also PPC & SEO) Eden Springs - 179% Incerase in lead generation rate


Our split testing process

  • Hypothesis preparation – Actionable hypotheses based upon experience and insights from user testing or advanced analytics
  • Test variation creation – Creation of improved variations of your current pages.
  • Test setup – Deliver variations of the pages to your different users at the same time to see which variation of the page works better
  • Test evaluation – Reporting on the outcomes of testing as soon as sufficient statistically-significant data has been gathered

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