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User testing – a tool for gaining insight

Think of user testing as a David Attenborough programme: we observe real users as they roam wild about your site, then log and comment on their behavior.  At the end of the day, you’ll have deeper knowledge not only of your audience, but also of which site elements are performing well and which need some improvement.

Website users are unpredictable creatures

No matter how much thought you put into the design of your website, users will inevitably find different (and frustrating) ways of interacting with it. Without specific knowledge of how your site is actually being used, you have little means of determining where problems lie and how to fix them.

You might think that you know your customers. You might think that you know how they use your website. However, it is very likely that you’re assumptions will be challenged. Be prepared to be surprised! There are a huge number of small but significant variations in the behaviour of the visitors that come to your site. Some will focus on visual elements and others will be more interested in reading all the text they can get their eyes on.

There’s a massive spectrum of influencing factors that determine how a user interacts with your site – User Testing helps to highlight the major roadblocks or points of frustration that cause users to exit the conversion funnel.

Of course, anyone can sit a user down in front of a screen and say “what’s wrong with this site?!”. Our expertise is in being able to design and create scenarios that will give you the most useful information based on the goals of your business.

Our trumpet blowing zone

User testing is one of the crown jewels of data gathering, it is the most important part of our conversion rate optimisation process. Most of our CRO projects will require user testing, including those from the case studies below.

Highland Titles Increase in revenue per visitor Powerleague - 73% lead generation uplift - case study

The lower cost user testing approach

Traditional user testing involves lots of test participants, highly specified usability labs, long in-depth reports and an associated price tag in the region of £10,000 per testing round. Attacat’s processes keep costs low, while still gathering the same quality data.

What are the benefits of low cost user testing?

  • Focusing on identifying the biggest issues
  • Making improvement manageable
  • Simplistic reporting that highlights the three most important problems
  • Solutions seem simpler and therefore tend to be addressed

Scenario and task design

When designing our scenarios we’ll want to examine the most important points in your users’ journey to make sure that these are all being covered. We then choose which must be completed and in which order.

Analysis and hypothesis creation

The key part of this whole exercise is to be able to effectively read the results of each testing session and identify which points are important and which are not. By focusing on the problems and issues that cause the highest impact (and sometimes these could be a chain of issues) you can ensure that you will see the quickest possible return on your investment in user testing.

See how users are interacting with your website 

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