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Facebook advertising: A way of paying for visibility on Facebook. It’s part of the prid quo pro for the 650 million users of Facebook.  They get Facebook for free. Facebook gets to sell adverts on the right of their screen.
aka: Facebook advertising, Facebook adverts
Almost synonymous with: social advertising
Similar to: banner ads on steroids, LinkedIn ads, (starting to get close to Digg Ads, Twitter Ads, Stumbleupon Ads)
Not to be confused with: get rich quick schemes (1. It works, 2. If the strategy is right), Traditional banner advertising (1. It works, 2. If the strategy is right), Google Ads (different approach required)
Costs: A lot less than banners, charged on a pay-per-click model (if you want)

You know those adverts on the right-hand side while you’re browsing Facebook? Ever noticed how they’re sometimes quite strangely accurate targeting things you like? Facebook ads use the information stored within the world’s most successful social network to target your products and services at the people most likely to be interested.

Facebook advertising

why advertise on Facebook?

  • Facebook has more than 500 million active users – compare that to just 1.8 million people who read The Times newspaper
  • People spend over 500 billion minutes per month on Facebook
  • The UK alone has around 23,449,100 users
  • Superior targeting through demographic and geographical segmentation
  • Opportunity to access this crowd with simple and inexpensive pay-per-click model before your competitors

social or direct response?

Looking to improve your brand’s social presence on Facebook?

  • Use Facebook ads to drive relevant, targeted visitors to your Facebook page
  • Generate ‘likes’ and ongoing engagement
  • Start the “social snowball” – initial ‘likes’ and engagement drive further activity from friends

e-commerce or direct response advertising?

  • Generate relevant, targeted traffic for your website
  • Aim specific products at specific demographics
  • Increase awareness of your brand to millions for tiny costs of <20p per thousand impressions

targeting your customer base

What’s the biggest benefit of advertising on a social network full of user data? They give you access to that user data! Facebook offers a great depth of demographic targeting from users’ self-entered data –  this means the targeting is accurate (far more so than in traditional display advertising) and based upon what your potential customers do.

Want a great response from under 25s in Edinburgh who are interested in football? Facebook allows you to target them! Don’t know your market so well? We’ll segregate your activity and test advertising to a range of demographics so you can find out.

creative adverts

Facebook ads allow for the use of images, which is a fantastic opportunity to catch the eye of potential customers and Facebook users. Attacat’s Facebook marketing service can include the creation of distinctive and creative adverts, with engaging copy and attention-grabbing images, to ensure you get the best Return on Investment from your marketing spend. We’re also very happy to work with design agencies to build upon the expertise of both sides and create great ads that tie in with your brand messaging and imagery.

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