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Facebook Page iFrame plugin for Wordpress

Create Facebook landing pages – no developers required



Want to create attractive Facebook iFrame landing pages easily using a simple WYSIWYG editor? With the Facebook landing page iFrame plugin for WordPress you can; use the easy and intuitive WordPress interface to show your content in the very best manner without the need for any developer knowledge.


  • Easy to create Facebook-width landing pages

  • In-page navigation bar for easy-to-find content

  • No developer knowledge required

  • Use WordPress WYSIWYG editor to create your pages

  • Integrated Facebook ‘like’ buttons


Facebook iframe plugin logo




How does it work?

Simply install the plugin to your WordPress setup and you will see an options for Facebook Pages. There you can create pages that fit nicely within Facebook’s iFrame dimensions, using a neutral ‘Facebook-style’ design that will fit seamlessly into your presence on the world’s leading social site.

>>> View user guide
wordpress facebook page menu

Facebook pages menu in WordPress

facebook page iframe

Example Facebook landing page


Facebook iframe plugin logo



How do I setup a Facebook page?

Using our step-by-step instructions you’ll be able to easily pull your WordPress-designed pages into Facebook using Facebook’s iFrame applications – just follow the Facebook iFrame setup guide. No technical knowledge is required!


>>> How to create a Facebook iFrame page


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