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How to createa Facebook iFrame page

Using the Facebook Page iFrame Plugin for WordPress


Using the WordPress plugin your content will appear in the following location:


  1. Use the following link to create a new Facebook app.
    facebook create app
  2. Name the app (this is just so you can identify it from a list), agree to the terms of service and create.
  3. Fill in the ‘about’ and ‘web site’ information as requested. Here you can insert your own logo and icon which will be shown in the Facebook navigation.
    facebook app about 

  4. In the ‘Facebook integration’ section enter the following – this is where it gets a bit more tricky:Canvas page: This is basically the page where your ‘app’ will be stored in Facebook, so name it something relevant such as the name of your app.

    Canvas URL:
    Enter the domain of where your content is located on your own website or server.  In our example this would be

    Tab name:
    Enter the name of what you want your tab or custom page to be called in the navigation.

    Tab URL:
    Enter the subfolder or directory where your content is located on your own website or server. 

    When using the Facebook Page iFrame Plugin for WordPress it will be, so you should enter FBPages/yourpage.
    facebook app page

  5. Save your changes and go ‘back to my apps’. Select your newly-created app from the list and then from the minor navigation on the right select ‘application profile page’.
    facebook app profile
  6. From the resulting ‘application profile page’  select ‘add to my page’ from the navigation on the left. Select the page you wish it to add the app to.
  7. Your new tab/page is added and should show in the navigation! If you want to set it as your default landing page go to ‘edit’ your company page then ‘manage permissions’.
    facebook navigation


Facebook iframe plugin logo



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