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Link Building a vote of confidence

what is link building?

Link building is the process of creating natural links from other websites to yours. In very basic terms these links are seen as votes of confidence in the eyes of Google & over time will help you increase your website rankings.

All links are not equal though! As with many things it’s about the quality of links & not just the quantity. A natural link from certain websites (or type of websites) will hold more weight than thousands of ‘spammy’ links from other sources.

As Google and the other search engine algorithms become more intelligent they put less weight on those links that are easy to create – while the search engines are not spam free yet (and not likely to be for a little while) Attacat believe that the best way to achieve long term strong rankings is through completely legitimate White Hat tactics.

white hat and black hat (and the grey bits in between)

So what is White Hat, what is Black Hat and what falls between?

In basic terms White hat is anything allowed by the Google Webmaster Terms of Service – anything Black Hat is things that are against these terms. Grey hat is anything that falls between the cracks – some clever stuff but not strictly within the terms (or the spirit of them).

Attacat are of the opinion that while you may see faster results through utilising some of these ‘grey’ tactics that the only way to achieve long term, sustainable results will be through completely White Hat tactics.

attacat link building services

Attacat provide link building as part of the full Search Engine Optimisation package – link building is at it’s most effective once the foundations of your on-site optimisation work is complete. As such Attacat will always start with on-site optimisation before embarking on link building activity.

Link building is priced on a day rate basis for an SEO Specialist. We do not claim to be the cheapest link building service but links we create will last!

attacat recent results

Eden Springs – Water Coolers

In a competitive market place we have secured top rankings for high traffic phrases such as Water Coolers & Water Cooler Hire

Edinburgh Flats – Self Catering Flats

Centred on the Edinburgh Self Catering market Edinburgh Flats enjoy strong rankings across a wide variety of phrases. Some of these key terms are Edinburgh Self Catering, Edinburgh Holiday Accommodation & Holiday Flats Edinburgh.

Stobo Castle – Scottish Health Spa

Stobo Castle are one of the UK’s leading Health Spas attracting clients from throughout the UK. From a small scale Link Building campaign we improved their rankings across a number of key areas gaining high positions for terms such as Health Spa Scotland & Day Spa Scotland

First Personal Injury – Injury Lawyers

Personal Injury is one of the most competitive markets for search engine optimisation (perhaps behind the travel sector). Attacat have worked with First Personal Injury to raise their rankings & maintain them across a range of terms such as Accident Claims & Personal Injury Claims

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