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The Bigger Picturetaking responsibility for bringing it all together

“The Bigger Picture” is what we call the bits that fall between the cracks of PPC, SEO, Web Analytics, Social Media and Conversion Rate Optimisation as well as the glue that holds it all together. It’s about managing your web presence as one cohesive strategy.

It’s the bit that says please come and speak to us before commissioning a web designer or spending money on the latest new fangled online marketing fad that a convincing salesman has recommended.

It covers:

  • Strategy: both internet marketing strategy as well as web business strategy (vis a vis the difference between a marketing plan and a business plan).
  • Management of web designer and developers: to ensure that marketing and customer considerations are built into your website
  • Management of online marketing specialisms that we don’t necessarily have in-house e.g. advanced affiliate or e-mail marketing
  • Customer Retention: internet marketing to your existing customers is a big a science and art as gaining new customers.

What’s in it for You?

Hiring full time internet marketing expertise (even if you could get everything you needed in one person) isn’t for everyone, yet there is no doubt that the expertise is needed.

How often do you see websites and internet marketing that miss the mark by a mile? Perhaps you have been unlucky enough to experience it yourself? Rest assured you are not alone – ye olde “If you think the professionals are expensive, try hiring the amateurs…” applies in abundance in the online world.

How can Attacat Help?

Whether you say: “we need someone to do the lot” or “we need an initial consultation followed by occasional handholding” our partnership can be designed to meet your requirements.

With Attacat you gain the knowledge and experience required in an affordable and flexible way. Training, consulting and doing are all available.

The Benefits

You get the expertise you need to move your business forward without the expensive costs of hiring someone in house.  We can report on the metrics that meet your business needs, all of our Account Managers are highly experienced & we will always look to match their skills and experience to your business type.

Also – all retained clients get discounts on our PPC management services.  If you are working with us to manage your entire web presence you could be making some serious savings on your PPC management!  Give us a call to find out how.



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