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Chapter 3: Sifting your audience

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What to Expect When It's Live...

The internet has changed the way audiences think and behave and, ultimately, their potential to you.

In these videos we look at how concentrating on your audiences and targeting specific audiences can help you become remarkable.


New Audiences Waiting To Be Indulged

The internet has made previously unviable communities viable, it is now practical to make things tailored to these very niche audiences - Attacat Tim explains.

Who Goes, You Decide

As a business in todays world you need to dominate your market. Setting out to be second or third is no longer viable. You have to be the big player. The big fish.

Interview Case Study: Scottish Law for Entrepreneurs

Stuart, a partner at MBM Commercial, speaks to Attacat Tim about setting out your stall and being niche in your market place.

How To Shrink Your Pond

Reducing or changing your audience is not the only way to become remarkable but it is one of the easiest ways of achieving that remarkability that is now a prerequisite for success.

Better to be Niche than Irrelevant

You are not alone in thinking “why would I want to cut my existing market?” or “why would I want to cut out enquiries from customers like this who I can serve perfectly well?” But in the words of...

Afraid to jump? Behold the Micro-Brand!

If the idea of changing your audience is too much to stomach then a solution for you could be to create new companies. You can continue to milk the cash cow whilst developing a purple cow.