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Chapter 5: Embrace the freeloaders

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What to Expect When It's Live...

People like free things, yet as businesses we don't like cheapskates. The internet, however, has made it possible to reconcile these seemingly irreconcilable views.

In this chapter we urge you to embrace freeloaders and to see them as every bit as valuable to your bottom line as paying customers. But don't worry, we haven't gone all Utopian on you.


The Remarkable Price That is Free

What we’ve been alluding so far throughout this module is that the business of marketing is now largely about creating an amazing product or service or a series of products or services a...

Can You Afford Not To Give It Away?

We’ve been waxing lyrical about the benefits of going free. If we’ve still not persuaded you perhaps some threats (nicely presented ones of course) will be more persuasive :)

Building “Freemium” into your Business

The larger businesses we have looked at so far have essentially given away their core product, largely because they are software. Can you give away the house? I’m not going to be able to answer...