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Chapter 6: Now that you are great

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What to Expect When It's Live...

At last, the bit most people start with. The promotion piece. Now you've done all the hard work of making yourself remarkable, you've still got to do some promotion.

But don't worry, you don't have to do all the hard work and bragging yourself - this chapter looks at helping your registered users to promote you, getting cosy with other people's audiences and advertising. Yes we did use the 'A' word!


Promote: Add Even More Value

Hooray, you’re now remarkable. You’ve got some very happy customers who are beginning to spread the word for you but it’s slow, you want to go faster.

Enlisting Your Army of Registered Users

So registered users. This is your community, which as we have discussed is made up of paying and nonpaying “customers”. People who have made a conscious decision that you add enough value to the...

Advertising of the Value Added Variety

So I may have been a little bit naughty and given the impression that advertising is a bit of a no-no. The bottom line is that for the time being at least advertising can and does still move the...

“Wot No This? Wot No That?"

There are a few things that you may have expected me to major on as part of the promoting your offering. So before I wrap up the module, let me just cover why I’ve omitted these things.

Partnerships: Mutual Audience Sharing

In the old world partnership promotion might have been called affinity marketing but it also incorporates PR. It is simply the idea of working with third parties who have the ability to influence...