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Do not pass go, do not collect customers

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Before you begin promoting your company, there’s a really important question you need to ask yourself. If you can’t say 'yes' to this, then promoting is not the right thing to be doing.  

Here’s the question:

Essentially this is the corporate version of the 'Are you a purple cow?' question.

If you can genuinely answer 'yes' to this question, then by all means skip the bulk of the content in this module and jump straight to the 'promotion' section. 99% of companies, if they are being honest, should answer 'no' here and, if that’s the case, your money is best spent improving the overall experience you offer.  

Why does it have to be 'significantly' better? Why not just 'a bit' better? 

In short, your customers will not be interested in marketing you and they won’t be able to make a convincing case to others. They need to absolutely know that you are special in order to explain this to others.

OK, so you’ve admitted it; you don’t add significantly more value than your competitors. But don’t worry, this isn’t pack-up-and-go-home time. There’s still hope and there is plenty that you can do... Head on to the next video: 'So you're not remarkable but you want to be' to find out what.

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