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So you’re not remarkable but you want to be

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So you’re not yet remarkable but you want to be.  

You’ve got three simple choices:

1. Increase the value you add

2. Change your audience

3. Or a little bit of both

We will look at how you can do that in a good bit more detail but, before we do that, let's just address that nagging doubt you might have. If you are going to commit (which you are!) to being significantly more valuable to your target audience, how do you avoid being the best X,Y or Z nobody has ever heard of?

The answer is that you need to continually test and measure your effect on your audience. This means keeping a steady trickle of people coming to you on an ongoing basis while keeping your focus on a small and specific audience. Once you realise that your audience is finding something special (we’ll show you how to measure this in a future module), then it is time to ramp things up and move the objective to maximising the number of customers. Until then, you keep working on improving things.

Of course, an experienced modern marketer will know how to drive some sales with a product or service that is not significantly better than the competition. Paid search, for example, can be useful here but, in the long run, you need to find a way of being able to say 'yes' to this question.

We continue looking at becoming remarkable by looking at audiences in the next section, 'New audiences waiting to be indulged'.

Congratulations on completing 'Chapter 2: First be remarkable'.

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