Jonah Jones

Senior Account Manager

Senior Account Manager, Jonah, has a healthy love of pushing boundaries. This lively Liverpudlian has a positive and curious attitude which manifests itself well in the client services team.

More about Jonah

Attacat’s friendly northerner joined the team in May 2016 after working client-side for a number of years. He works closely with Attacat’s multi-channel clients, helping them to achieve their ambitious growth plans.

With more than a few site migrations under his belt, Jonah runs a ship almost as tight as his braces. Particularly passionate about UX and CRO, Jonah loves finding creative ways to solve customer problems and personalise user experiences.

Don’t be surprised to find Jonah climbing trees, sporting a distinguished tweed suit or busking outside the office to fund his heavy chocolate addiction. With so many hobbies and interests, Jonah has something in common with just about everyone.

This urban adventurer may be mistaken for Shrek when trying to do a Scottish accent and is generally known around the office for being a little different, but we wouldn’t want him any other way.

Which Attacat Character?

Jonah is most like... Cameron - the Visionary

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