Attacat Will Morrison 1

Will Morrison

Business Development Manager

Office chatterbox Will looks after our new clients as Business Development Manager. Any excuse for a good old natter, he spends most of his day chatting with new clients, gaining a deep understanding of their exact needs.

More about Will

Will is a Business Management graduate from Heriot-Watt University. With a keen interest in marketing and digital marketing, he joined Attacat as a fresh-faced graduate and now is fondly known in the office as ‘Fishy Bill.’ He claims the nickname was given to him the day he started and was nothing to do with him…

When Will isn’t speaking with new clients or writing up proposals, he is on the look-out for new digital marketing tips and tricks.

With an entrepreneurial flair, Will set up a guitar tuition business during his time after university. He taught himself how to play and used these skills to set up his venture.

It remains a mystery as to where exactly Will learned his most profound skill – splitting an apple in half with his bare hands.

Will’s advice to real life fruit ninjas is to find the right size apple, grip it with both hands, firmly placing the base of your thumbs at the top and then pull it apart with brute force. We couldn’t possibly advocate trying this at home!

Which Attacat Character?

Will is most like... Cameron - the Visionary

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