Zach Klein

Digital Advertising Account Manager

Our resident Australian, Zach, enjoys expanding his Analytics and Tag Manager prowess, automating his workload with Python programs, baking bread and dreaming of long lost days spent on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

More about Zach

Joining our already multicultural team at the start of 2015, Zach was a welcome addition to the Attacat family. Originally hailing from a rural town in Queensland, Australia, he travelled across the world to find his niche within the realm of digital marketing.

Before leaving his home country, Zach studied at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, where he graduated with a degree in Business Management. Zach is fully equipped to whip your website into shape and help drive your digital marketing strategy.

Since joining Attacat, Zach has been incredibly helpful in assisting the Organic, PPC and Data teams in their daily activities, while also managing accounts of his own. He is fully Google Analytics and AdWords certified, and is mastering an expansive range of digital marketing skills.

While we know that he misses his Promite (Vegemite is for amateurs), we hope that his love of Scottish Beer will be enough to keep him around for a long time to come.

Which Attacat Character?

Zach is most like... Cameron - the Visionary

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