12 last minute online marketing Christmas tips: from the Attacat Team

The first Christmas jingle was heard in the Attacat office in July and for many businesses, if you were serious about your Christmas activity, summer was probably around the time you would have started planning your strategy for the festive season – but fear not, though the boat may have been missed for some activity there is still lots that can be done for a last minute boost or things to keep in mind to make sure that your Christmas season goes without a glitch. The Attacat team have each picked out their top online marketing Christmas tips to help give you a smooth stress-less time, leaving you to enjoy the turkey in peace – just think it’s only one month today!

Content marketing over Christmas

– Charlie

Christmas is the busiest shopping period of the year and it would be stupid not to tailor your content around this huge opportunity.
It’s never too early to get started on a Christmas content marketing campaign but if you haven’t already, don’t worry it’s not too late either. Just remember that organising you content is crucial around Christmas so an editorial calendar is a godsend.
Don’t forget that while your office shuts down for Christmas, so does the majority of the population, meaning lots of people are free to spend their time on the internet; on Christmas day Brits spend on average 86 minutes on social media platforms over the course of the day – lots of eyes to put content in front of.

Your Christmas Day Social

– Christie

Decide now what you will be doing with your social activity on Christmas Day. Will you be having a scheduled ‘Merry Christmas’ type post or will a staff member be monitoring and helping your customers on the day? Christmas Day is the busiest day of the year for new tablet and phone activation’s – 17 million devices were activated last year – a 332% increase from the rest of the month and app download more than doubled on the day – dependent on your business type being there to give service and advice to your festive customers will always make them happy.

o2 Christmas tweet

Automating the Christmas Season

– Jon

Ensure your account is making the most of automated rules for the Christmas period. Rather than having to go through the hassle on Boxing Day of updating your ads to announce your new January sale, you can setup the advert copy change in advance and make the switch automatically at the time your sale is due to start.

Convert Christmas shoppers with Display Remarketing

– Lara

If you haven’t already, why not consider using display remarketing to convert those indecisive and spoilt for choice shoppers in the run up to Christmas… and beyond. Using display remarketing can be an effective way to attract already interested customers back to your site. While shoppers are frantically shopping around for the perfect gift or the most dazzling Christmas party dress you can secure those Christmas sales by not being out of sight and definitely not out of mind. After the Christmas shopping frenzy is over you can use display remarketing to entice customers back to a product – now with a shiny new January sale price tag!

Whistles Remarking

Does your business do email marketing?

– Danielle

Well now might be a good time to try it. Christmas is a hectic and stressful time for any shopper so why not make it that little bit easier for them, with a nicely designed holiday gift guide. Here you will be able to highlight all of the products and special offers that you have on this Christmas and hopefully make the consumer’s life that little bit easier.

Dust Off Your Holiday Themed Keyword Lists

– Michelle

A PPC account can change a lot in a year and it can be hard to remember just what worked in Christmases of old. Run a keyword report to see what terms converted best in November and December of years past and make sure you have a good coverage across these keyword themes.

Make Your Last Delivery Date Very Clear

– Tim

As we get nearer to Christmas, anxiety about whether an order will be received in time increases so be very upfront about your last delivery date – a site wide message, not something hidden in the delivery details page or only on the home page.

Last posting dates

Add one more task to your holiday preparations that will pay you back later

– Chelsey

Think of it as an early New Year’s Resolution if you like: “This year I’ll back up my website regularly!” This isn’t up there with the typical dieting and exercise holiday promises, but perhaps it should be. Without harping on about the different ways in which your website can be compromised, I’d like to suggest a simple preventative measure that could save you a headache in the event of an unexpected meltdown: Install a backup plugin. Popular content management systems such as WordPress have numerous options that can be up and running in a few quick clicks. Better still, many of them are free and can be scheduled to run automatically so you don’t have to do anything but set it up and feel more secure about your website.

Target Mobile Shoppers: At the Shops Or ‘At the Parents’

– Joel

Many of us are away from our own beloved WiFi connection at the Christmas season, be it while out in the cold looking for that last stocking filler or enjoying three entire chocolate oranges in the space of an hour at a relative’s house. Maximsing mobile reach therefore becomes essential: understand how you can tempt the 64% of people who intend to use mobiles or tablets to research or buy Christmas gifts.
Ensure your website’s mobile experience is top-class, responsive to different devices, and makes browsing and purchasing easy; push people towards any physical stores with local optimisation and deals; follow up on abandoned carts to ensure you convert everybody you can; and don’t forget the good ol’ SMS messages! Research and evaluate your data to see the opportunities for Crimbo mobile domination!

Update your PLA Campaigns to the New Shopping Campaigns

– Steve

The new Shopping campaigns are specially designed to help advertisers get the most from their Product Listing Ads. One of the niftiest features they have is it allows you to easily segment your products into groups, or groups of groups, and optimise the bids for them individually. This was possible to do before, though took a lot more work and wouldn’t be updated automatically. Combined with a Return On Ad Spend bidding strategy, you’ll have a very powerful Google Shopping campaign!

Make Sure your Process for Handling Out-Of-Stock Products is in Tip Top Shape

– Jane

E-commerce site owners, lend me your ears! It’s pretty likely you already have a process for handling products and product lines that are either out of stock temporarily or have been permanently discontinued, but it’s especially important at Christmas. Between increased demand and festive sales, the stock turnover is high and there’s a rush on sales so providing a smooth user experience is more paramount than ever. It’s frustrating for customers when they land on a product that’s out of stock, but if handled carefully you don’t necessarily need to lose that potential business:

Out Of Stock

(1) If a product is permanently discontinued, then 301 redirect the URL to an appropriate, alternative page (and no mass redirects to the homepage, please).
(2) If the content on that page is genuinely useful or implementing high numbers of redirects is impractical, hide the expired page from navigation and mark it with an out of stock notification that makes it clear the product has been permanently discontinued.
(3) If a product is only temporarily unavailable, say so! State the date it will be back in stock and enable a sign-up field on the page so users can be notified when the product’s available again.
(4) If you absolutely positively must remove the page entirely, then make sure you have a custom 404 “Page Not Found” page in place that includes Calls to Action and links to appropriate alternative categories or pages on the site to lead the user back into the site. Bear in mind that even custom 404s aren’t great though, as any value from backlinks to the deleted page will be lost.


Attacat top tip:

It’s never too late! Make that last minute push for Christmas now but don’t get bogged down by Christmas panic and forget that life goes on afterwards… plan for your post Christmas activity now. Once the last posting date has gone make sure you are set for the sales and promote early!

Relax and enjoy, after all it IS Christmas!


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