2007: The Year Mobile Search Engines Take Off?

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The Attacat Team

2007: The Year Mobile Search Engines Take Off?

With all the hype about web 2.0 over the last year or two, the mobile web has been quietly evolving.

This may be because uptake is not being driven by the US, but instead has come initially from Japan, and now increasingly Europe.

It is fair to say though, that the mobile web in the UK still leaves a lot to be desired.

3G coverage is poor and speeds are nothing like as good as was expected when Gordon made 22.5 billion from auctioning off the licenses back in 2000.

Surfing ordinary websites on mobile devices (such as the one I am writing this newsletter on) is an unpleasant experience. Horizontal scrolling, the necessity for image free surfing (to reduce excessive bandwidth charges) and the inability to cope with much of the advanced functionality used on websites all adds up to a lot of grey hair.

Slowly though, the opportunities for advertisers are springing up. Mobile specific sites are on the increase and now all the Search heavy weights are getting involved.

Take, for example, the impressive offering recently launched by Ask (of previous butler fame) which includes a neat map application. Naturally it also includes a stripped down version of their search engine.

However, the development that we are getting child-on-Christmas-Eve type excitement about, is the quiet launch of pay-per-click mobile adverts by Google.

Now included remarkably neatly within Google AdWords, this form of advertising offers all the benefits of conventional AdWords, albeit currently at a matchbox size scale.

The even better news (unless you are on the board of directors at Yellow Pages) is that you don’t need a mobile website (or even a website for that matter) as Google allows you to simply advertise a phone number.

With most mobile surfing devices by definition being part of a phone, this is a much more enticing prospect than advertising a phone number in “traditional web conditions”. The user can initiate a call with no more effort than it takes to click through to a web page.

Yahoo! are not far behind with a similar offering currently being tested in the UK and US. The primary difference between the two approaches is that Yahoo! offer to host a mobile-friendly web page for you, rather than Google’s approach of enticing potential customers to call you directly.

The current state of mobile PPC adverts is, in many ways, very similar to conventional search PPC adverts of the late 1990’s. Search volumes are relatively small but so is the competition.

And that means cheap “clicks” (or calls). In many cases there will be clicks available for as little as a penny. In Google’s case, it is (almost remarkably) no more expensive to generate a call than a click.

So will it take off in 2007?

Mobile search will not be “life changing” for every business and certainly not in 2007, but if your business can benefit from leads calling you, then mobile search is a no brainer. The search volumes, and therefore the opportunities are only going to increase, and in the meantime, it will cost peanuts.

If you are game, we are currently looking for four existing clients, interested in participating in our mobile search test, so if you want to give it a go, please get in touch.

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One thought on “2007: The Year Mobile Search Engines Take Off?”

  1. Richard Rankin says:

    In response to a request from one of our readers for more information on the map facility on Ask’s recently launched “Ask mobile”:http://mobile.ask.com/ map feature the Attacat Team decided to run a quick 10 minute test:
    At present the map system does work, however we would recommend that you restrict searches to map view. We ran a test using our own office address – 28 St Stephen Street, Edinburgh – as the search term.
    The map view was pretty accurate – whilst the icon representing the location of your search does not hover exactly over the address the icon is placed on the correct street.
    The Aerial view, however, was a little incorrect. When we switched the view over to Aerial we were somewhat surprised with the results. A little too much greenery and no sign of Stockbridge!
    See “Attacat Map View”:http://mobile.ask.com/maps.jsp?&fi_where=28+St+Stephen+Street,+Edinburgh&fi_Search=Search&form=maps and “Attacat Aerial View”:http://mobile.ask.com/maps.jsp?&fi_where=28+St+Stephen+Street,+Edinburgh&fi_Search=Search&form=maps&mode=sat
    Addresses will need to be entered correctly in the search box. It took a couple of attempts to understand what the search tool needed to produce a result (we recommend including a comma between each line of the address just to make sure)
    Unfortunately at this stage, a search cannot be made using just a house number and postcode (hopefully this will be introducd in a more developed version in the future!) so you are a little at the mercy of the length your destination address.
    On a positive note the map function does offer a facility to view directions between two addresses (both as a pedestrian or a vehicle) and can swap them around at the touch of a button.
    The facility to send these directions to a specific mobile number, however, is not yet available for UK telephone numbers. Directions can be viewed live on screen although if this required a permanent connection online during the journey it could become a little costly. (We have yet to put this to the test)
    In summary this is a great little feature for mobiles and, with a little more development, could be a valuable tool for anyone on the move.
    From an advertising perspective, who knows? Could we see businesses paying to appear on the map or extra lines in your travel plan:
    6. Turn left onto the High Street. ( 0.25 mi)
    7. Take a break from travelling – Pull in for a quick coffee and a sandwich at the Snack Stop

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