2016 Web Design Trends

With a new year comes a whole new list of web design trends. I’ve read a few different articles and compiled a list of useful design trends for digital marketers to consider in 2016.


Image courtesy of Cinemagraphs.com
Cinemagraph courtesy of Cinemagraphs.com

1. Cinemagraphs

As we continue to see an increase in the use of gifs and videos on websites, you might want to give cinemagraphs a try. They’re visually impressive, helping ordinary images come to life by giving them a sense of movement. Sites such as Flixel.com make it easy for you to create your own. That being said, you must have really good photography to begin with, which is often more than half the battle. Cinemagraphs can be created and used for any type of business such as travel, fashion, food, beauty, nature, sport and general lifestyle.


2. Hamburger menus are bad

We all know that hamburgers are bad for your health, but apparently now they are bad for your website too! With the likes of Google, Facebook and Youtube all abandoning hamburger menus, many other designers have decided to ditch them too. The reason is simple – they can have a negative effect on user experience as they hide valuable navigational cues for the user journey. Many designers are now shifting towards the use of horizontal tabs, especially on mobile.


Image courtesy of Zara.com

3. Minimalism

Minimalism is a trend that has been around in print and web design for a while now, however it now looks likely to become a trend on e-commerce websites. If you are an e-commerce business considering a site refresh, then this could be something worth thinking about. Why? It clears the user of any distractions and helps to focus their attention to the task at hand.

4. The fold is ‘dead’

The idea of trying to get all your useful information ‘above the fold’ is a concept that is dead – we all know that more attention is spent below the fold. Due to the diversity of screen sizes used nowadays from desktop to mobile, it almost makes it impossible to keep this experience consistent. Therefore we need not stress over this issue anymore. Phew!



5. Flat Design 2.0

The past 2 years have seen an increase in the use of flat design across the design community. This trend continues to grow and evolve – think about the old and new versions of the Attacat characters. Just by adding more shapes and shading, they now have more depth and are far more relatable.

6. Micro-interactions combined with animation

The introduction of animation to websites can make a real difference. Using animations subtly for loading icons or interactive buttons make for a more sophisticated and smoother experience.


As always, we’re interested in hearing your feedback. Feel free to leave a comment below or get in touch to discuss these design trends with the Attacat team.

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